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•Adjustable Wall Mount Double Shelf Bracket: Attaches to post and supports shelves side by side

•ARA Bracket: Bracket anchored to wall that allows for a shelf to slide into the adjustable support.  Similar to the
 JAM and SPLASH brackets, the base underneath the shelf comes out further and is longer

•ATLAS Bracket: Two brackets that connect to the shelf as a post underneath with rubber washers that protect the
 finish.  Allows for easy leveling and efficient cleaning.  Allows for shelf to be picked up off of bracket

•BELT Bracket: Support anchored to wall that spans the width of the shelf and is the same thickness allowing for it to
 slide over the shelf at either end.  The “foot” at the bottom of bracket can also be reversed to the top.

•Bracket: Anchored to wall or upright to support weight of shelf

•Brass Mounts: Mental bracket that anchors to wall to hold glass shelf

•BRIDGE Bracket: Bracket that is mounted to wall for a sleek actual bridge looking design

•Caster: A wheel or tire mounted on the bottom of a larger object (a shelf) that enables the object to easily move,
 available as a base option

•Corner Round: Curved clothes rod that connects two straight rods

•CUBE Bracket: Support mounted to the wall and gives illusion that shelf is floating once in place

•Donut Bumper: Placed on post above the caster to protect the shelving unit and walls

•Footplate: A triangle accessory that screws into the post and provides more stability.  This base option can also be
 anchored to the floor

•GO-Box: Short for Garage Organizational Box.  Same as an O-Box but made specifically for garage storage. A
 modular unit that allows for more organized space and storage.  Can come with shelves (one or multiple), drawers or
 can be left empty.  Can be stacked, set side by side or mounted to uprights.

•Hanger Rail: Used only in wire shelving and fits into a post. Can be run either the length or the width of your standing

•Hanging Rail: Screws into wall and stands as base to entire shelving wall system.

•JAM Bracket: Bracket that allows for shelf to be slid into it, so the shelf sets into the support.  Adjustable so shelves
 of different thickness can be accommodated.  Similar to the SPLASH and ARA brackets but base underneath shelf is

•Loop Hook:  Clips onto shelving post for extra storage.  Ideal for hangers.

•O-Box: Stands for Organizational Box.  A modular unit that allows for more organized space and storage.  Can come
 with shelves (one or multiple), drawers or can be left empty.  Can be stacked, set side by side or mounted to uprights.

•Post: Strong piece of material, like medal, that sits upright as a support for a whole unit and serves as place of

•Post Cap: Fist securely into top of post for a finished look

•Post Clamp: Adjoins two shelving units for greater stability

•Post Leveler: Comes with all wire shelving, screws into bottom of post for a stationary spot in your home

•Post Wall Bracket: Bracket that is anchored into wall to support the post of your shelving unit

•S-Hook: Metal accessory used to hook free standing wire shelving together

•SCOOP Maxi Bracket: Bracket anchored to wall that is adjustable so shelf can easily slide in.  Has a scoop
 underneath as the base so the shelf actually sits on the bracket

•SHAKER Bracket: Two wooden brackets in shape of half circle with slit that allows for easy shelf slid-in

•Shelf Locator: Holds shelf securely in place and forms a bond between bracket and shelf using adhesive tab

•SI Chrome Wire Shelving: Shelving, Inc., brand chrome wire shelving.  Easy to assemble with free-standing and
 mounted units.  Available in one, two, three, four or five shelf units.  Add-On shelving kits help to maximize space.  Site
 has numerous accessories that can be added to units, like hooks, hardwood inserts and liners that can turn a shelving
 unit into a bench or even a desk   

•Single Wall Mount Bracket: Attaches directly to wall allowing for placement of a single shelf

•Sliding Tie and Belt Rack: Fits onto upright like a bracket but has a sliding rack mounted on top and fitted with
 hooks to organize ties, belts and scarves

•Spanner: Attachment that connects to two uprights allowing for additional storage like a basket

•SPLASH Bracket: Bracket, which is anchored to wall and adjustable, allowing for easy shelf slid-in.  Similar to ARA
 and JAM brackets except base underneath shelf is a greater width and has a pointed end for a sleek look.

•Split Sleeve: Plastic connecter used to attach wire shelves to posts, comes with all wire shelving. Split Sleeves will comfortably fit around 1" diameter chrome posts. The chrome split sleeves lock into the grooves that are spaced 1" along the pole, allowing for many options of chrome shelf heights.

•Threaded Caster: Stem part of caster that screws into the post, therefore you can unscrew the wheels, available with
 or without brakes

•Threadless caster: Stem part of caster that is pounded into post and has to be forcibly removed, available with or
 without brakes

•Upright: Hangs vertically on hanging rail and supports shelf brackets and O-Boxes

•Valet Rod: Fits onto upright but no shelving is placed on it.  It is fitted with a sliding rack mounted on the wood
 bracket that pulls out to display clothing

•Ventilated Bracket: Support that can be added to uprights or hanging rails fitted in place to ventilated shelving with a
 slit taken out in the middle to hold shelf in place

•Ventilated Shelf Hook: Attaches directly to upright and used a multipurpose accessory

•Wall Mount Double Wire Shelf Bracket: Attached directly to wall and supports shelves side by side

•Wall Mount Shelf Brackets: Attached to wall mounted post to place a shelf on

•Wall Mounted Post: Post that can be attached to wall to create wall mounted shelving unit

•Wave Hook:  Snaps onto shelving post for extra storage.  Unique wave design allows for multiple items to hang on

•Wire Accessories: Custom options that can be added to the wire shelving shelving units. The accessories make the kits more useful by adding on casters, hooks, posts and handles.

•Wire Carts: Wire shelving on durable casters, allowing easy movement and transportation. Available with or without handles and various numbers of shelves to accommodate storage needs.

•Wire Corner Kits: Sturdy corner kits are chrome plates steel units that will utilize the extra corner space in your home. The kits are easy to clean and don't accumulate dust because of their ventilated design.

•Wire Shelf Enclosure: Create an easy-to-access cabinet on your shelving kit that conceals all items inside. The enclosures comes in a variety of different colors and makes side panels for your kit to use as a desk or even a coffee table.

•Wire Shelf Liners: Durable liners that can be places on your wire shelves for protection of small items and adding a touch of style. Our shelf liners are available in many colors, are moisture resistant and are extremely versatile.

•Wire Shelving Add-On Kits: Extra shelves for existing wire shelving units that can be customized by re-arranging posts to form a long shelving unit or a 90 degree corner angle unit. Add-on kits are ventilated and open, preventing dust accumulation and constant cleaning.

•Wire Shelving Kits: Prepackaged for your convenience, each kit includes shelves, posts, leveling feet and split sleeves. There are different dimensions to choose from and if you can't find the exact dimensions you are looking for you can always design your own.

•Wood Bracket: Support that fits onto uprights allowing you to place a wood shelf on top of it and is hollow to place
 shelf locators in for a secure fit.

•Wire Wardrobe Kits: Equipped with a strong rod that runs along the top of the wardrobe and sturdy wire shelves at the bottom, the kits are sleek and stylish. Keep them comfortably hidden in a closet or in the open to keep your clothes looking clean and organized.

•Wire Wine Racks: Durable racks that contain individual cradles to safely hold full size wine bottles. They can hold anywhere between 30 and 168 bottles of wine or you can build your own kit to hold as many bottles as necessary.

Catskill's 36 Bottle Wine Rack Vermeer 4 Shelf Leaning Black Storage Chest/Bench
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