Wine Cellar Storage Tips

Wine Racks need to be durable and offer a secure storage place for each bottle. Wine storage is a detailed and complex process that must be done correctly in order to produce perfect-tasting wine. Follow these wine storage guidelines to become a specialist in wine storage.

Exposure to air may cause wine to turn into vinegar; therefore, it is very important to keep air out of the bottle. Wine bottles need to be stored horizontally so the moisture of the wine touches the cork. This moisture keeps the cork expanded so that no air will enter the bottle. It also decreases the chance of the cork crumbling when removing it.

Controlling the temperature of the wine cellar is also important to remember. Since white wine should be stored between 40 - 52 degrees and red wine between 52 - 60 degrees, accommodate each type by storing wine at a temperature in the low to mid 50s. Maintaining a stable temperature in the wine cellar is equally important, as frequent and rapid fluctuations can damage wine.

Keeping the correct humidity is the next essential step in storing wine. There should be 70% humidity in wine storage areas so the cork will remain durable and resilient. Too much humidity will not cause damage to the wine, but it may harm wood storage racks by causing mildew and warping. On the other hand, too little humidity could result in shrinking or splintered corks.

Light causes premature aging to bottles of wine, which is why clear bottles are not used, but even ultraviolet light can cause damage to dark, colored glass. If ultraviolet light penetrates dark glass, it may produce an unpleasant aroma within the wine. Use incandescent light when lighting a wine cellar, rather than fluorescent light, since it produces less ultraviolet light.

Wine can become contaminated if odors exist in the air, since they can enter through the cork and potentially ruin the wine. To eliminate odors in wine storage areas, make sure to use proper ventilation so odors can be easily removed.

Excessive movement and vibration are not good for any type of wine. Prevent accidental shaking by ensuring that the wine racks are level to the floor and, if possible, positioned next to a wall. Then, place the wine horizontally on the rack and refrain from moving it until it is ready to be enjoyed.

When deciding upon wine racks and wine storage areas, keep in mind that wine changes over time. Avoid harmful changes and promote desirable ones by correctly controlling temperature, air, humidity, light, and vibrations so wine will age to the proper and desired flavor.

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