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You have finally made the decision to get organized but have no idea where to get the shelves you need.  You could go to a store and hope that an employee can help or you could buy online but then comes the question of where to buy the shelves, there are so many sites when searching Google, how do you know which ones are the best.  Why not a place that specializes in chrome wire shelving, that sells nothing but shelving.  The Shelving Store is your one-stop shop for all life's stuff. 

Read on to find out why our site rocks.

  • Our easy to navigate homepage takes you directly to chrome wire shelves that come as a kit, so one-click and you are done.  The kit already comes with the posts, split-sleeves, post-levelers and the option to add casters and other accessories if you so desire, which makes for easy assembly.  Other sites make it hard to find kits and trick you into buying each piece separately, which can end up costing you more money.
  • But if you want to create your own shelving system our site allows you to customize the perfect fit with the DIY (Design Your Own) page.  Buy each piece individuality and feel like you’re a true interior designer.
  • Don’t want chrome wire shelving, no need to worry, just navigate to the Colored Wire Shelving and pick from the additional epoxy coated shelves in green, black or white.  The green kits come in 14”, 18” and 24” depths, the white and black come in 18” depth.
  • Many sites cater to people who are looking for large scale wire shelves but let’s face it, in a house, you need to maximize space not make less of it.  That is why The Shelving Store offers the 8” depth shelve, that no other site offers.  The tiny space saver can nudge its way into any nook or cranny.  You can buy a one shelf unit that is only 6” high to save space on the ground or go high up with a five shelf unit that can reach 96”; the possibilities are endless.
  • This site is created to be user friendly, so your one step closer to making a decision on a shelf and saving your precious time.  Plus there is no need to fret about hoping to find the perfect size because The Shelving Store offers the biggest variety of sizes in the business.  Go to a store and you are only going to find a couple sizes but we offer 8”, 12”, 14”, 18”, and 24” depths in the one, two and three shelf kits and two additional sizes, 30” and 36” depths, in the four and five shelf kits.  Two of the most popular sizes are 12"d x 18"w x 6"h and 14"d x 36"w x 54"h, which are both just a click away.
  • A picture is truly worth a thousand words and we have thousands of pictures of every size shelf to help give an idea about size.  Most sites just show one picture but we add to that buy showing people and objects to give a relative idea about scale and even an idea about what you can place on your shelving kit.
  • Each page is designed to take you one step further in, picking each element.  First, click on chrome wire shelving at the homepage, then pick how many shelves you want to have in your unit, it goes up to five, pick a depth, pick a height and your basically done; it is that easy.  The page also gives you the option of choosing a base; post levelers come standard but you can also pick between casters and footplates.
  • The site also has an entire section of wall mounted wire shelving.  Raise your shelves up with a wide variety of mounted or adjustable mounted shelving kits.  The kits range from one wire shelves to four wire adjustable shelving units.  Each unit can come with an 8", 12", 14" or 18" depth.  Competitors make these space savers hard to find on their site and may not offer the selection of sizes that The Shelving Store does.
  • When I say one-stop shopping, I mean it.  Want a space made especially for organizing clothes or placing wine or even kitchen items, The Shelving Store can cater to all your shelving needs.  Chrome Wire Wardrobe Kits made it easy to store and organize your clothes.  Wine racks, either free standing or mounted, can accommodate even a wine connoisseurs vast selection.  Chrome Wire Carts make for easy mobile use for every aspect of the kitchen.  And all of these products on our site sell at a great price that even our top competitors cant match for the size and quality.
  • Once you find the shelf you want, take a moment to read the description on the right that are customized for each product and includes the specs of the product.  You may notice that our commercial grade crafted shelves are capable of holding 800lbs of evenly distributed weight!  Look on other sites and in stores and see that competitors shelves hold only 600lbs, 500lbs and even 300lbs.  They may cost a little less but why buy something that could buckle under pressure when you could get shelves from a site that boasts one of the highest weight capacities in the business.
  • Need a few accessories for your now complete kit, no problems, just look on the left side of the page and discover all the ways you can add to your shelves.  No need to walk through a store to find what you need or search another site to find what you want; we have everything to make your shelving unit transform into a bench, cutting board, desk, coffee table, even an entertainment center and so much more.
  • You may notice highlighted terms as you’re searching through the site and it may be your first time buying a wire shelf, these quick links allow you to find out terms you may not know in a fast and convenient manner.
  • At the bottom of the homepage there is a resource section that includes a Glossary of Terms to help better understand products.  You may be purchasing a shelf and wonder why you are given options about different bases, you may say "what is a caster or a triangle footplate?"; well the glossary can be your friend and define what each term is.  Competitors sites don’t have this handy tool and a store employee might not know the answer.
  • All of our wire shelving is NSF approved.  What is NSF you ask?  NSF International, which is based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan stands for National Sanitation Foundation.  It is a non-profit public health and environmental organization that provides sanitation and food safety standards.  Under the NSF Consumer Products Division, The Shelving Store wire shelving has been tested and certified for use in health services, restaurants and obviously the home.  Basically this is a stamp of approval that our shelves are safe.  For more information please visit:
  • Now being honest, you could go to another site and find some wire shelving cheaper but I guarantee that it will not boast the quality, durability and sustainability that SI Chrome Wire Shelving embodies.  Competitors may be a little less expensive but they can afford to be because they do not carry the vast array of depths, heights, widths, colors, accessories and impressive specs.  A less expensive shelving kit on another site does not have an 800lbs weight capacity, may not be NSF approved, does not have the size you want, is not made for both industrial and residential use; the list goes on and on.  If you want a shelf to last, let's face facts, The Shelving Store is the only logical answer and the best site for life's stuff.
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