I'm sad to inform you all that summer is almost over but that also means fall is on the horizon. And for those living in the mitten, (Michigan slang), that means the leaves will change, cider mills will be bombarded my families and school buses and a new class of freshmen will embark upon living in the dorms. From personal experience, dorm life is cramped but something I don't regret because it gives kids their first taste of freedom which is not a bad thing and confidence knowing they can make it on their own. But before welcome week starts, parents you still need to buy all the items to make your kids dorm room awesome. So here are 3 dorm room essentials from The Shelving Store. ONE:The Urban Shelf  You may not realize it now but you will soon learn that night stands simply don't exist in dorm rooms. The problem is that you still need a place to put those important items we want to keep close. This is where the Urban Shelf comes into play. Just unfold the compact shelf and slid one end in between the bed and BAM, a portable, small night stand. And don't worry, you can thank me later if your kids have bunk beds and are stuck with top bunk because this handy shelf is a life saver!
TWO: Eco Friendly Storage Cubes A brand new product to the site, the Way Basic Storage cube is perfect in dorm rooms for storing just about anything. A great place for DVDs, the expensive books your kids will have to buy and even for food. They are inexpensive (only $20) and way better than the standard plastic bins because they are made from 99% recycled material and are non-toxic. Plus you can choose from 8 colors to match any look your kids are going for.
THREE:  Shoe Rack with Shelf If your kids are like me, they have a lot of shoes and finding a place for all of them in a dorm room can be daunting. Remember your kids have to share a small space with another person, so shoe racks that don't take up a lot of floor space are ideal and this one certainly fits the bill. You can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes in a clean and organized fashion.
Now I have only given you a glimpse of everything The Shelving Store can do to make your kids dorm room complete. So check out all we have to offer and starting getting excited for your kids because college is everything you remember and more.