Customers are always sending us creative uses for our wire shelving which got us thinking…what do people create with decorative shelving?

The answer is innovative uses for life’s stuff. Like the age old saying “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure,” never underestimate old furniture at a garage sale or thrift shop, empty bottles or anything you have around the house that does not work anymore. There is always another purpose, just look at these 3 genius shelving ideas.

Bottle Shelf


This requires a little work with power tools but it’s super simple. You will need 4 of the same size/height bottles to connect the shelves. In the image there are 4 shelves so you would need12 bottles. Just drill holes in the shelves so the neck of the bottle fits firmly and repeat.

Suitcase Shelf


We all have an old suitcase in the house, one that you would never use again but maybe keep around for storage. Well now it’s time to bring them out of hiding and showcase your suitcase. You would need to evenly cut the suitcase and attach to wall using anchors.

Piano Shelf


You’ll never look at a broken piano the same again. Just seeing what you can create would make anyone want to take this project on. You would need to gut the body of the piano which may require some help but once that’s over, all you need is to install the shelves and hang on wall.