We live in a world where perception is everything, stereotypes are rampant and opinions are the primordial stepping stones that give meaning. Now I know what you are thinking, this sounds like the start of a science paper, where big words are being thrown around for kicks but this my friends is about shelves, chrome metal shelves to be exact.

Yes, I said shelves, which by definition is a piece of wood or metal that connects to the wall or in a frame to support objects. A simple term that most people take for granted not realizing that they help to organize and de-clutter your life.

At The Shelving Store, we eat, breath and sleep shelves everyday, it's what we do. There is so much more to a shelf than just a place for setting and displaying life's stuff. So we are here to debunk the myths behind the shelf life.


Oh how this common misconception is so wrong. Now it may be true that metal shelves are great for industry and business settings because they are NSF approved and won't chip but it is also true that they look great in your home. We have a variety of shelves that come in kits to make life easier, wall mounted shelves and kitchen carts that work great in the kitchen, wardrobe kits, corner shelf kits and wine racks. Each and every one of these kits are made for the home, plus we also have accessories to make the most out of your shelf. Look at all the cool things you can do with metal shelves in your home.

This is a two shelf kit, that is easy to assemble and has wire shelf enclosures that creates a great coffee table. You can do the same thing with a smaller width two shelf kit to make an end table or even a night stand.

The backers rack is a cost effective way to store your kitchen appliances and utensils, that as you can see looks awesome. This rack has a solid wood butcher block, that we sell, a wine rack and utility hooks. They come in different sizes to fit any kitchen, big or small.


Well just by looking at the two photos above, you can already see that metal shelves can really make your home shine. But there is so much more you can do with shelves that will add style, efficiency and creativity to your home that guests will ask where you got your home furnishings. The problem comes when people take a metal shelf at face value and think they are only functional in your basement or garage. While our kits do work great in those places, they can also be used in every single room of the house too, look at how great.

All you need to complete this effortless look is a cushion and TA DA, you just created the perfect mud room sitting place that won't get dirty, that you won't have to drop big bucks on and can also be used as a shoe rack or storage area.

One of our awesome customers, took our shelves to the next level with a man cave to suit his needs but did it with pizzazz and spunk. He used numerous shelving kits, added casters, to make them mobile and created an entire entertainment center. He even made a tower shelf for video games and DVDs. Genius, if I do say so myself.


When most people think of shelves, they get this flimsy, can crack under pressure and made from plastic image in their heads. And most people would be right because that is what you find in stores, I will not name any in particular but they exist. So it would be a logical conclusion to say that people don't pay much attention to shelves because of a misconstrued perception.

Well I am here to set the record straight, that yes some shelves are not made great, our shelves on the other hand, last and can stand up to your toughest storage needs. On our wire page which displays all things chrome metal shelves, an awesome person wrote this true statement, "Our wire shelving boasts one of the highest weight capacities in the business, an astonishing 800 lbs of evenly distributed weight, that's so much you could fit two male gorillas on one rack, and if you do that please send us a picture because that would be awesome." Man that person is quirky and also very right. Just so you know, that person was me!!!! But I just wanted to re-assure you that our shelves are built to last and are made from heavy-duty metal.

Well, that is all I have for you today. I hope that this was very informational and that you go straight onto www.theshelvingstore.com and buy some metal shelves because you should, I have given you so much great information that it's silly not too.

Talk to you next week.