TGIF!!! Cliche, I know, but so true. For two days you get to relax, upwind, enjoy summer and remember what it's like to be a kid and have summers off.  AHHH Memories. The sad part is that summer vacation is almost over for kids and if you haven't already parents, it is time to start getting ready for the new school year.

At The Shelving Store, we pride ourselves on be able to lend a helping hand to organize your life and back to school is no different. Now we might not have school supplies but we have everything you need to gear up for the school year.

TIP #1: Get your children's rooms organized for the school year

First things first, your child is going to be coming home from school with homework, projects and reports to do and they need an organized place to get things done. This might mean tidying up their rooms and we have just the right stuff.

The kids P'Kolino's containers are the perfect place to tuck away toys, clothes, art supplies and blocks. The storage bins are small enough to fit on most shelves,  in closets or even under the bed. A great way to keep monsters out of there too. HEHE

The Legare kids bookcase is an easy way to store books and display your kids favorite things. You can assemble the bookcase in 2 minutes and it requires no tools, so your kids can help.

TIP # 2: Give your kids an awesome place to put their jackets, backpacks and school books. Get them their very own locker!

You can choose from mini kids lockers, that as you can see, double as a night stand or get the full size kids lockers and have them load it up. We offer 8 vibrant colors to choose from. And the best part is that all our lockers are on sale for 10% off. But you better hurry because the deal ends August 14th.

TIP # 3: Make sure you are prepared with all the resources you can get from homework help sites

Here is the scenario - Your kid comes home and needs help with schoolwork. You look at the problem, feeling confident that you know the answer and turns out, you're stumped. What to do, what to do? Well fret not, cause I have the answer. Visit the Discovery Education site for all the answers you need. Social Studies, English and Math, including calculus. Feel confident in helping your kid and refresh your memory.

That's all I have for you today, but stay tuned because all month long we will be talking about back to school from The Shelving Store. Have a great weekend.