September means it is time to make the seasonal changeover. It may seem a bit overwhelming to get everything ready for winter but the best way to approach this is in an organized fashion. At The Shelving Store, we pride ourselves on making people feel more comfortable in their own space. So it is only logical that we want to make your seasonal transition as smooth as possible. Here are three tips for staying organized during the changing season.

1: Clothing - Out with the old and in with the new

Start with your summer wardrobe, the end of a season is the perfect time to sort through items. Sift through your summer clothes making piles for keep, give away and re-purpose. Give unwanted items to a local charity, a friend or hand down children's clothes to the next youngest. You can re-purpose old and torn shirts as cleaning rags or turn a pair of jean's into next year's shorts. For the items you want to keep, now decide what stays for the next season and what to pack away. A perfect place to store your summer clothing is in our bins. You can easily stack multiple bins on top of one another or you can use our wire shelving to keep everything easily within reach. Choose a bin with a secure top to keep your clothes safe from moths and other insects.
The Akro container is the perfect place to store your summer clothes for next year. This heavy duty bin comes with an attached lid to secure and protect the contents inside. If you are storing your clothing in the basement or garage, then these bins are going to be your best bet. Other plastic bins, although they may be inexpensive, are not commercial grade and may be less secure.
Our freedomRail closet shelving systems can organize an entire wardrobe. If you need a specific size our easy to use design your own tool can make anything happen.

2: Utilize your garage and basement for seasonal storage

If you are like us, then you already have your holiday decorations and items all packed away and labeled. You can easily just unpack the items you want to use and replace them with the summer pieces for next year. But if this is your first time, then there are a few items you will need to stay organized. Start with picking out one of our wire shelving kits to store your items. We have numerous dimensions to pick from to fit your space. You can store all your garden tools, pool toys and sports equipment on the shelves. Use labels so it is easy to identify what you have and where it's at. For the items that can't be placed on a shelf, like bikes, we have an entire line of garage shelving that can hang on the wall. You could also use the garage shelving in your basement as well.
Our wire shelving kits with four shelves would be the perfect solution for storing items in your garage or basement.
The freedomRail bike rack can store one bike off the floor for safe keeping. The rack also comes with a basket to store bike accessories such as helmets and water bottles.
3: Prepare the outside of your house for the winter months

Unless you live in the southern states or don't have snow covering the ground, you are going to have to organize your yard too. Your end of the season activities outdoors should include covering your patio furniture and putting away your summer decorations. If you can't fit all of your items in a garage or basement, use taller shelving to maximize the height to store the most in a small space. It is also a good idea to clear your patio, deck or walkways so when winter comes, shoveling and salting is easy for you.

Storing your outdoor items for winter is easy with our wire shelving kits. If you need more space but don't want an entire new shelf, opt for our wire add-on kits. Easy assembly makes these ideal to quickly add more space to get organized.

Getting organized for the changing seasons may seem like a lot of work but our helpful tips and handy products will make the change easy. Until next week, enjoy the warmer weather and stay tuned for more tips and information to keep your house and life organized from the experts at The Shelving Store.