Ahhh Friday, the day that everyone looks forward to every week. And this Friday is especially special because it's a three day weekend...thank you Labor Day.

Now I'm sure everyone has plans for this extended weekend and that they may include going out to eat. I only say this because you may notice while enjoying your dinner that there is wire shelving in the restaurant you are in. Hopefully it's from The Shelving Store but if not, any form of wire shelving is an integral part of organizing restaurants.

You may be wondering why this pertains to the customer? I'm glad you asked. Wire shelving is any easy and sanitary way to store dry goods, pots, pans and dishes which helps to get your food on a plate faster. The Shelving Store was lucky enough to go into a local restaurant called Zazios and take photos of wire shelving at work.

Steve, a cook at Zazios and the in-house pasta maker is cleaning out the oven right by the Chef's Table where as you can see, there is a shelving unit with three shelves. The shelf is in the perfect place so when the Chef is cooking he can easily grab a dish or pan to plate or cook with. What makes our wire shelving so ideal for restaurants are the numerous dimensions and the fact that they are ventilated. A solid shelf  will create more of a mess whereas a wire shelf, the food will fall right to the ground making for an easy cleanup.

In the side station, Zazios uses one of our wire shelving kits with 4 shelves. For those of you who don't know, a side station is the place your server goes to place your order in the computer, get your coffee, silverware and everything they need to set the table. Our wire shelves make it easy to grab a to-go container, water pitcher or take a tray for drinks. And just in case you are wondering, yes that is a car wash for glasses.

This is probably one of the most common uses for wire shelving in a restaurant, the pantry. They are also in the walk-in refrigerator too but that is a special kind of coating and for another day. Using a 5 shelf kit and adding extra shelves, Zazios has created plenty of space to store everything. The pantry has to hold all of the restaurants dry goods for easy access. What is great about wire shelving is that if something spills, the clean up is easy. And not to mention that those pistachios look yummy.

The Shelving Store would like to thank Zazios in Birmingham, MI for letting us come in and take photos of wire shelving in use. So next time you are out to eat and notice shelving, you will know that it is helping to get food in your belly faster. Until next time, have a great weekend.