Admittedly, The Shelving Store is not a life coach, nor is it a stress counselor; it is a building in which people work. However, the people in that building often face life threatening situations (when someone dramatically exclaims that if they lose their keys one more time, they're going to "just die"). These touch and go times have led us to creating an organization survival guide with the four products that will make your life easier, reduce stress, though they will not coach your life, because these products don't talk with words.
1. Woodpecker Wall Hooks
You come home from a stressful day of work, fully encumbered by the baggage of your working day. Wouldn't it be great if the first thing you saw when you walked in the door was a convenient little coat hook to hold the weight of the working world for the weekend? It'd be even better if that coat hook was shaped like little birds so the serenity of nature was there to greet and calm you upon entry. Better still would be if the little space where wings would go was a perfect place for scarves and lanyards to hang! Luckily, with this flip down Woodpecker wall hook, you can flip the bird and feel great about it.

2. Birdie Entry Organizer

Not to seem ornithologically influenced, but the birds are a wonderful flight of fancy. That's why we're happy to have them helping to organize our mail. This particular species of bird is migratory, meaning that it has a magnetic receptor to give it a sense of direction. What a benefit that is when you want someone to hold your keys with their magnetic beak! You'll have to hop on twitter to show everyone how cute your walkway is with this little tweeter.

3. Cubby Organizer

So, magnets don't impress you and you're not a pet person? That's okay, for those with more discerning taste and a different dimension of cute, we have the sleek, modern Cubby Organizer. With two flip down hooks, a slot for mail, and a solid pouch for phones, glasses, and other out-the-door accessories, you'll never leave home without "it" again, whatever "it" is. Walk in the house, stash your goods to go and have them ready for your next outing.

4. L Conceal Book Shelf

Inside your house, no longer weighed down by the baggage that work sent home with you, you're ready to relax. Time to grab a healthy snack, curl up in the comfy chair, and grab a good book... but you already sat down and don't feel like moving! That's why the L-Conceal Book Shelf mounts directly to the wall. It's a cute little book shelf that holds your top 10 books for quick reference and some very deserved relaxation. Hang directly next to that comfy chair and you'll have characters within arms reach.
Also makes for a great conversation piece when hung sideways!

There you have it: our top 4 Umbra products that will beckon you in the door and remove the stresses of the outside world. Use individually or in conjunction with one another when you're looking to really create a theme that says, "Yes, I am a savvy person with cute stuff." Find your decorative products for organizing your entryway at The Shelving Store.