Unfamiliar territory can be terrifying because you don't know what to expect and starting at a new school is no different. For kids entering elementary school, middle school, high school or college it is the same feeling over and over, new people, new obstacles, peer pressure and making it out alive. People always say that, "we made it out alive," but each of these stepping stones is a critical part of growing up and a learning experience in more than one way. So here are 4 tips for a smooth transition and a few items to help along the way.


Entering elementary school is the first time you are going be away from your kids for a long period of time. Although it might be difficult to let go, know that your kids are going to start learning a wealth of knowledge that you can learn all over again too. As for the kids who may be afraid to go, assure them how much fun they are going to have and all the new friends they are going to meet. It also might be a good idea to get them something they can do work on and play on too.

The P'kolino Kube table is perfect for a school product or arts and crafts. It is also a good way to let your kids associate work and play as one.


Middle school is often a very important time in your kids lives, especially because school get's harder as do the trials and tribulations of fitting in. A lot of changes are going to happen to your middle schooler but rest assured that you have armed them with tools to succeed. To help them organize all the books, notes from friends and schoolwork, a bookcase would be perfect. And not just any bookcase, let them design their own.

Our Way Basics storage clubs can be stacked together to create your own design. Let your kids make their own choosing from eight different colors.


Ahh, high school, the pivotal point in your life when it seems like the world may end when you break-up with someone or your friends are mad at you. In four years, your kids are going to transform and become an adult. Scary, I know, but we all remember it and this is where the saying comes in "we made it out alive!" As parents all you can do is sit back and enjoy the ride because high school was amazing and hopefully it brings back memories for you. Know that you raised a great kid, who can make those smart decisions and handle peer pressure. But if you want to lend a helping hand, you could always get them an awesome bookshelf because it is cool and your kids in high school want to have the coolest things.

The Umbra conceal bookshelf will impress your kids friends because it appears to float in thin air. Create more room on your kids desks for reports and studying with this simple but impressive bookshelf.


College is the last step before the real world and you want to make sure that your kids have all the tools they need to succeed because they are on their own at this point. But know that college will give your children a sense of independence that you can't give them. They will become adults and thank you for teaching them the skills to get to this point. And because you're parents watching your kids leave the nest, you are going to want to buy them dorm room items to help out.  

I have said it before and I'm going to say it again, the Urban Shelf is a must for any dorm room. Simple, compact and easy to use, your college student will always have an alarm clock, phone and textbook right next to them.

No matter where your child is on the education path, arm them with the right tools and you have nothing to worry about. Getting them sweet stuff from The Shelving Store, can't hurt either. Until next week, enjoy the rest of summer.