Fall can seem kinda hectic: herding the kids off to school and sports, putting on layers of clothing before heading out the door...and don't even get me started about raking! But we at The Shelving Store are here to help. Here are 5 tips for staying organized in fall!

1. Keep sports equipment organized and easy to find

Set up a spot in your garage or entryway specifically for sports stuff. A shoe rack for cleats and roller blades is helpful for warding off shoe mountains (and thus, devastating shoe avalanches).

A storage bench provides a spot to gear-up and also a place to store it. Shin guards and gloves can be tossed in baskets beneath so that they stay close at hand.

Ball Claws are fun and easy! The ball simply pops in and out - no getting lost in a bag or dirty in a box. Ball Claws give each ball a dedicated space so that they stay organized.

2. Get a dual-purpose coat rack
Coat racks are all well and good...until you have to go foraging around for gloves. Keep everything in sight with a storage coat rack. You can add baskets for gloves, scarves, and hats for blistery fall winds. Kids can stack homework and books so they're not forgotten (or rather, "eaten by Spot").

36"w Coat Rack with Shelves by Prepac

3. Give everyone a space
Fall means coats, backpacks, scarves, hats...basically an outerwear explosion. Rather than having a closet free-for-all, try segmenting your space by person. Not only does it keep things organized, it also helps each member of your family feel personally responsible for their space. This is especially useful for teaching children (and spouses) to keep things tidy and in their place.

Lockers are a cool way to give each person a space of their own. Make organization fun by having each member of the family decorate their locker!

This specific locker is sold on our sister site, Shelving.com here

4.Think specialized storage
It's just common sense - your family will be more inclined to put things away if they know where to put them! Adding simple labels in your closet to organize gloves, types of jackets, hats will make it clear where things go. Having a box labeled "scarves" in the entryway may make even the most rambunctious kid think twice about throwing his scarf on the floor as he blazes in.

Get a special box for gloves, a rack especially for hats and even an organizer especially for boots.
This boot organizer keeps up to 6 pairs tidy and efficiently stacked. A bonus is that it keeps boots shapely, clean, and ready for a stroll on crunching leaves.