What could be more American than grilling excessive amounts of meat and blowing things up? Ok, maybe a bald eagle screeching the Star Spangled Banner on top of a flag pole – I’ll give you that. But for all intents and purposes, Independence Day is as ‘Murican as it gets.

While this all sounds really relaxing, if you’re the one running the show this day of pleasant patriotism can be hectic. This blog is for all of you amazing hosts and hostesses – we want wire to make your 4th into a holiday again.We love the 4th of July here at The Shelving Store…and not just because we get the day off!

As a family company, we know how great it is to take the day to grill in the backyard, play corn hole with the cousins, and watch fireworks after the sun sets.

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1. Grill Caddy
Sure, grilling can be a lot of fun, but when you need to cook 20 brats, 30 hot dogs, and 40 burgers, things can get crazy. Even the biggest grill doesn’t have enough shelf space to hold all of that meat, let alone buns, toppings, and cheese.

Add a butcher block top to this cart for the perfect caddy

Having a grilling caddy allows you to hold all of this and more. With everything you need close at hand, you won’t need to run off to the kitchen or commandeer a patio table every time you need to set down some perfectly seared patties.

 2. Grill Cart

Just replace the top shelf of this unit with 2 depth and 2 width hanger rails to build your own

You can even make wire shelving into a grill holder! This movable grill station allows table-top grills to mobilize. Our wire shelving won’t get scalded and messes clean up effortlessly. Pro tip: attach short shelves off of your posts to create handy side workstations.

3. Food Cart 
Who knew there were so many types of pasta salad?? It’s great to have enough food, but when your potluck looks more like a supermarket deli, it can get hard to bring out and replenish dishes. With a food cart you can easily transport bowls of food in one trip and without accidental spills. Our swivel casters allow for tight maneuvering, enabling you to bypass tiny toddlers with finesse.

4. Beverage Cart
Save your guests and yourself the back pain from bending down to search for a cherry coke. Raising your cooler onto a wire cart allows people to easily find the can they’re looking for, without the struggle. When it’s running on empty, the cooler can be pushed into the house to be refilled. If the party moves elsewhere, the beverage cart moves too – no more tugging heavy, awkward coolers.

18″d Wire Shelving Utility Cart

Get all of this and more for 10% OFF with our special 4th of July coupon code USA10 and have a Happy Independence Day from The Shelving Store family to yours!