If you had unfettered access to all things wire shelving, what would you create? Well, that’s my office. The warehouse where I work is filled to the brim with wire shelves, posts, hanger rails, casters, and a multitude of accessories. So, when we need something for the office, we make it!

Here a few ways we use wire shelving around the office…

1. Monitor Stands

When you work for eight hours a day on a computer, ergonomics matters. Brad built some small 8″ x 12″ shelving units to raise his monitors up to a comfortable level. Look at that posture!

2. Foot Rests

Sam loves to have her feet up. She has not just one, but two foot rests made out of a 12″ x 12″ shelf with 14″ posts.

3. Printer Stand

Before we set our new printer up a few months ago, we needed somewhere to put it. My coworker John quickly sized it up and brought in some 24″ x 24″ shelves, a matching translucent liner, and 24″ posts to make this printer stand.

4. Literature Stand

To keep all of the pamphlets we offer organized and easily viewed by the customer, we built this literature stand with four 8″ x 24″ shelves and 34″ posts. It helps keep Michele from being buried alive in papers!

5. Bench

If you ever stop by our store, you can take a load off on our wire shelving bench! We put a cushion on an 18″d x 48″w unit for our lovely walk-ins.

6. Warehouse Cart

When shipping needed another cart to move heavy boxes of posts and shelves, they made their own! They used 18″ x 18″ shelves14″and 48″ hanger rails6″ posts an 18″ utility handle, and rubber casters. Using two shelves instead of one makes the unit stronger, and the hanger rails ensure the unit does not sway.

7. Office Furniture

The office of our “Shelf”-EO, Joe, is filled with wire shelving creations. His desk and two shelving units, one corner unit, and even his CHAIR is made from wire shelving. Now that’s ingenuity.

Think of wire shelving like Legos: you can build almost anything with a little imagination. Our shelving is the ultimate problem solver because it is infinitely customizable.

Only here at The Shelving Store will you find such a HUGE selection for every piece that you may need for your creation. Remember to have fun and get creative with it!