Figuring out how to store and organize all of your things while still keeping it looking good is a problem many people, including myself, face everyday. These are just a few ways  that not only efficiently store your belongings, but look good as well.

locker pantry

1. School House Rocks

The pantry: one of my favorite places in a home because that is where all the food is stored. This is one of the coolest pantries I have ever seen. Although it may be difficult to install, this is an amazing idea. If you have a Serial Snack Stealer in the household, you can lock up the goods to keep your precious Oreos safe. If grey is too dull for you, we have a variety of locker colors that would be perfect for a pantry!


garbage bad

2. Get Trashy

This little life hack is perfect for storage closets or pantries. We have all seen a role for paper towels, but using it for garbage bags is a whole other bonus! Just install one of our paper towel holders anywhere you may need, but instead of putting paper towels, add a roll of garbage bags.

Wood shelf


3. DI-Wow…

This is a simple and easy way to create extra shelf space. To get this look, get a wood shelf and a strong fabric of your choice. Try strips of leather for a more sophisticated look, printed bands for a child’s room, or colored bands for a fun look. Any way you decide, you will have good looking, simple shelves for all your storing needs.

wrapping paper

4. Stop, Drop, and Rolls

This is a totally awesome and simple way to organize all of that wrapping paper you have piled up in a corner. Just simply buy one of our wire shelves, which come in many sizes so you will easily find one to fit your space, and screw the shelf in like you see in this picture and then voila! – you now have a new storage place for your wrapping paper!

charging station

5. Go Wireless

Even though no one really likes to admit it, we are all addicted to our electronic devices. This neat trick of storing charging devices in a night stand is perfect for those who want to be near their devices at all times. I would definitely be one of these people. Our Avanti Night Stand with Lock would be perfect for just this. With a lock on the top drawer, you can make sure your electronics stay safe while you sleep.

toy storage

6. Cheap Chic

Children are one of the greatest offenders of toys being thrown all over the place. As kids, we like to play with our toy and then just set it down when it begins to bore us. But with this fun and cool way of storing toys, there will hopefully be less toys laying around in your yard. All you need for this is any size wire shelving unit to fit all of your toys, from 5 shelves to 1, we have sizes and options for everyone. Once you have your shelving all you need are little buckets and labels to put all of the toys into. If you don’t want these silver buckets, we offer some simple plastic bins perfect for sorting toys.


7. Toilet Tower

The toilet, aka the lavatory, the loo, the john, the can, and the throne, is a place where humans naturally spend quite a bit of time. Make this time a little more enjoyable by adding a unit such as this to spruce up the place a little bit. Once again, all you need is any size unit of wire shelving that fits your throne. You can use this new storage space to store extra toilet paper, towels, and soap. You can also use it to make it a more luxurious experience by adding candles and flowers. Either way, your toilet will be a more enjoyable place to be spending your time


8. Dr. Mason Jar, DDS

While in the topic of bathrooms, bathroom sinks can be the dirtiest places in a house, well mine at least. Toothpaste is always so hard to keep contained. You can keep it clean for about a week, but then it just ends up getting everywhere. This simple yet genius way to organize your dental hygiene tools is a perfect solution to this messy problem. Not only does the toothpaste stay contained, but the toothbrushes each get their own cup so you don’t have to worry about getting them mixed up.