It is a well known fact that college dorm rooms are small, cramped, and boring. Unfortunately, as of now, TARDIS technology is still in beta, and the Doctor is too busy saving the universe to help us humans with our storage problems. Here at The Shelving Store, however, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to help you create more space for all your bow ties, fez’s, and Converse shoes.

No assembly required (sonic screwdriver optional)

This shelf creates the perfect space to keep your phone, books, and sonic screwdriver without taking up any precious floor space. And because it is portable and collapsible, you can take it with you anywhere (if the Doctor just so happens to pop in and offer to take you traveling).

Stack-able, colorful, and easy to assemble, these cubes provide a fun and creative way to create more storage space in your cramped dorm room. They come in a variety of colors (including TARDIS blue) allowing you to put some personality into the boring-ness of the room. 

SHOES! Who doesn’t love shoes? Okay, love may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I know that everyone has at least more than one pair of shoes that they would like to take with them to college. This shoe rack is the perfect solution for the storage of all those shoes I know you have (*wink wink*). Hanging over your door, this shoe rack really does make your closet seem bigger on the inside!! With your shoes out of the way, you have more space for, oh I don’t know, a TARDIS or little robot dog named K9.

 4. Mini Locker 

 These lockers are perfect for protecting your most precious belongings (a certain journal containing certain spoilers). With three different lock options, your things will be so protected that the Daleks won’t even be able to get them! And as always, there are a variety of different colors (of course in TARDIS blue) to allow for personalization of your dorm room.

Different accessories are also available so you can spice up the inside of your locker! With things like the dry erase board you can leave little messages for your room mate.  

Great for DVDs, BluRays, fish fingers and custard, these shelves are a great way to show off your impressive collection. Any 8″ deep wire shelf is a perfect way to increase your storage space in the cramped dorm room.