At The Shelving Store, we LOVE hearing from you, our customers because without you, we wouldn't be here!

We recently received this "love letter" via U.S. Mail just in time for Valentine's Day. While we love the emails, tweets and facebook posts, sometimes nothing can beat a real paper letter in the mailbox, like this one from Roberta. All of us at The Shelving Store were touched by Roberta's kind words and we wanted to share this special letter with all of you.

Dear Friends,

I generally don't provide online feedback about my purchases, but I really did want to let you know how very pleased I am with my purchase from The Shelving Store.

I replaced-in what was once a bedroom - a dresser and nightstand with two large shelving units and one low unit under a big window. I plan to use lovely baskets and decorator crates to store items that were once in the dresser and nightstand.

The shelves are wonder, even better than I hoped or expected - and that was after receiving A LOT of feedback on your website - for these reasons:

1. They are beautiful - extremely sleek and contemporary.
2. They are extremely sturdy and hold more than I am able to load onto them
3. They are very versatile, and I like that I can easily move shelves up or down.
4. They have plenty of space to hold everything I want.
5. They were incredibly easy to put together. I am 61 years old, so I asked my handyman to help me. We were done with all of them in less than an hour, and we each did about 50% of the work.

I am in the process of remodeling my kitchen and I plan to purchase another unit for the kitchen when it is done. Your storage units provide excellent, sturdy and customizable storage for smaller homes like mine. I probably won't even need my handyman next time!

Thank your for your good service, the excellent product, and so many choices. I have already recommended you to a couple of people I know, and will continue to do so.


Thank You again Roberta for this lovely letter. We truly appreciate great customers like you, your recommendation is truly the best reward! We are looking forward to helping you with your kitchen storage needs!