With the school year vastly approaching before you know it, the first day will be here and your kids will be deciding what they want to wear and have that I can't sleep feeling because of the impending start.

It may only feel natural to be overwhelmed with buying a new school wardrobe, school supplies or if your child is going off the college, dorm room items and books. But we can give you some helpful hints to cope with the stress and get your kids off to school so you can have some much needed alone time.

Below are 3 easy steps for back to school The Shelving Store way.

Make sure your kids have everything they need to start the school year off properly. This means school supplies which, I know, covers a lot of ground. Teachers or schools usually give out a checklist of items kids need. Colleges and universities give information for incoming freshman about dorm rooms. Make sure you check the list to see what is prohibited in the dorm before you go out and buy items for no reason.

Something that I can guarantee will not be prohibited and that works great in dorms and your home are our wire shelving kits. They are perfect for storage and we have a huge selection of sizes to fit any space.

You can easily build one of our kits and use it as a bookcase, for food storage or for clothes.

Whether your child is just starting elementary school or is an incoming freshman in high school, there are going to be challenges they will inevitably face and there are numerous sites online that can give advice. One of the best and most reputable is Kids Health, they have sections for kids, teens and even parents about important topics.

New school items are pretty important and at this time of the year, there are great sales. The problem arises when you buy all this new stuff and realize you don't have the space in your kids room for all the items they already own.We have the solution. Create more space by stocking up on items in our Creative Storage section. From night stands and kids storage boxes, to bookcases and shoe racks, we can clean up your room so you can fit everything in the spaces you need. No to mention that everything in creative storage is 10% off until the end of the month. There was never a better time to buy. Just use coupon code CREATE10 and you instantly save money. We are pretty awesome, we know.

The Madison Eco-friendly bookcase is perfect to store all your kids new stuff.

There is no need to stress about the new school year, so just follow these three easy steps and I promise you will feel like there is a weight lifted off your shoulders, if not, then go get a back rub and work out the kinks. Until next time, enjoy the rest of summer.