1. Clean Your Bathroom Once and For All!

    Cleaning the bathroom feels like a strangely endless process, doesn’t it?

    It’s clean one minute, then you turn back around and it’s suddenly littered with half-used shampoo bottles and those little boxes your soap comes in all over again. There has to be a better way, right? 

    And there totally is if you use your imagination! Cleaning your bathroom doesn’t have to be an afternoon-long multi-step process that gets repeated every few weeks if you take the time to plan ahead. (The tech industry calls this “future-proofing,” but we’re only here to clean your bathroom, not take the headphone jack out of your iPod.)

    Next time you clean your bathroom, follow these few extra steps to keep it that way:


    Prevent mildew in the shower

    If there’s one thing mildew loves, it’s a wet shower. And if there’s one thing everyone loves, it’s the idea of not having to clean up any more mildew. At the end of every shower, leave a squeegee nearby and start a house rule asking that the last person to use it squeegee the whole thing down to prevent water from accumulating in the tub. In really foggy bathrooms, consider spraying some RainX (the stuff you use on windshields) around the walls and maybe kicking on a fan or leaving the door open.


    Stick with liquid soap

    Hand soap is a necessity for cleanliness and sanitation when using the bathroom, but bar soap leaves potential for a bigger mess due to soap scum and other crud on your nice porcelain sink. Unless you absolutely have to keep bar soap due to medical reasons, try to switch to liquid soap—it’s cheaper in the long run thanks to refills, and it’ll drastically reduce the time you have to spend on cleaning the sink.


    Declutter your shower supplies

    Part of cleaning the bathroom inevitably involves moving the same five bottles of shampoo around until they’re finally out of the way, but what if you did something to keep them out of the way...for good? Throw up a shower caddy with enough space for everyone’s personal shower needs and make sure everyone can get to their own shampoo and soap without any hassle. It’ll save everyone a step in the morning, and cut down on your chores next time.


    Empty out that cabinet

    Bathroom cabinets and closets are one of the biggest sources of clutter in a bathroom thanks to the amount of stuff we all let ourselves accumulate. Purge everything you know you can live without (half-filled conditioner bottles, unused cleaning supplies, etc) and then move the rest onto bathroom shelves to free up space and provide accessibility.


    Keep cleaning supplies right where you need them

    Finally, cleaning the bathroom can be made so much easier if you do short cleaning jobs more frequently, and a good way to get started is to keep cleaning supplies close at hand to handle messes as they develop. Always have some wipes and disinfectant spray under the sink, and keep a Swiffer or some small dryer sheets around to do quick sweeping jobs as the need arises. It’ll save you a ton of time and energy in the long run.


    Got any other tips for keeping a bathroom clean? Drop a comment below!

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  2. Towel Storage Ideas & Tips

    Towels! Endlessly useful in the bathroom, always a pain to put away.

    Sure, there’s always towel closets, but what about when you’re fresh out of the shower and need to towel off? And where are you supposed to put it when you’re done? And what if your towel closet is running out of room?

    It’ll be okay! All you need is a little bathroom space and some imagination. We’ve collected some of our favorite towel storage ideas here for you to try out in bathrooms of any size:


    Get a second shower rod: When you’re getting out of the shower or bath, a towel is pretty much the first thing you reach for, right? On a lot of showers, a second tension rod can be installed underneath or alongside the shower rod to create a new space to keep a towel right at hand, as soon as you need it.

    Think inside the bath: Inside the shower itself is another great place for towel racks. A lot of bath shelves and racks can be hung up inside the shower itself to hang onto whatever you need (much like a shower caddy) and to keep your towel close by.

    Make your cabinets work harder: Odds are you have a cabinet door or two underneath your sink, and if you’re looking for somewhere to keep your towels when they’re not in use, adding storage to these doors can be just the trick. Get some over the door storage on your cabinet doors (or bathroom closet door, if possible) to hang onto unused towels and free up room on the shelves that bulkier towels can start taking up.

    Set up smaller storage pieces: Bathrooms can start getting a little cramped if you have too many shelving installations, so keeping an eye out for smaller solutions can be just the thing your bathroom needs. Look for smaller shelves that can go in out-of-the-way areas, like shorter racks or over the toilet storage shelves to keep it out of the way and prevent your bathroom from feeling too cramped and unusable.

    Keep it mobile: Another great idea for towel storage is to keep it on a cart that can be moved around wherever you need it to be. By stashing your towels on rolling wire carts or rolling wire storage, you can free up space in your bathroom and roll your towels wherever you need them, whether you’re keeping them right by the shower or rolling them out of the way when you need to get under the sink to find that soap you needed.


    Got another tips for towel storage? Drop a comment below!

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  3. Declutter That Bathroom Counter

    Toothpaste, hair products, half-used bottles of soaps and lotions...after a while, your bathroom counter can start looking like the clearance bin at Bath & Body Works.

    But wait! Before you start agonizing over which one of your favorite conditioners you don’t have room for, we’ve got a few tips at hand to help you declutter your bathroom counter and streamline things:

    Toss it if you don’t use it: Let’s be honest with ourselves, one of the main causes of clutter is stuff that you haven’t touched in forever that you’re afraid you may need at some unknown point in the distant future. Nine times out of ten this won’t really be the case - go ahead and throw out any products you haven’t touched in a while. Soaps you hated the smell of, half-full conditioner bottles, hair stuff you liked but not quite as much as your normal stuff, and so on.

    Find homes for everything: The next step is to see what can be grouped together and moved out of the way. Got a lot of spare tubes of lipstick? Put them in the drawer with the rest, unless it’s a shade you really weren’t feeling. Toothbrushes? Get a wall-mounted holder or at least a spare drinking glass to keep them all in. Chances are, most of the stuff on your bathroom counter doesn’t really need to be there.

    If it doesn’t have a home, make one!: Of course, part of the problem may be that you didn’t have anywhere to put this stuff in the first place. In that case, consider bringing in some extra storage to help take the weight off your bathroom countertop (figuratively and literally in some cases). A lot of your makeup and hair stuff could be kept in a drawer or in bathroom vanity organizers to get them off the counter while keeping them right at hand. Many ‘bathroom supplies’ (extra soap, toothpaste tubes, etc) could be kept on over the toilet storage shelves & cabinets to free up elbow room while maintaining accessibility. Even bathroom shelves or wire shelves can come in handy here to give a home to the stuff you need to keep without being such a space hog.

    Remember Your Walls: Speaking of bringing in new storage, a lot of wall-mounted solutions for bathrooms can help keep things right by the mirror where you need them to be. Choose soap dispensers and toothbrush holders that stick right to the wall to free up some space down on the counter.

    Smaller Items Go In Cabinets: Anything too easy to lose might not work out in the open on shelves or countertops, no matter how clean you’ve gotten your bathroom - how many times have you lost exactly one makeup brush? Get some plastic bins and see if you have room in the cabinet or in your closet for the easier-to-lose things.

    Got any other tips for bathroom counters? Leave a comment below!

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