1. When TSS Had An Unexpected Guest

    Last month The Shelving Store team had quite an experience during a quiet afternoon. A tiny bird accidentally flew into one of our storefront windows!

    The little guy was knocked out and unconscious, so we searched online to try and find out what to do to help him. We learned that normally birds should wake up after flying into a window within 10 minutes, and if not they would need medical attention. But where do we take a wild bird?

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  2. The Shelving Store Is Celebrating #GivingTuesday

    In honor of #GivingTuesday, an event that encourages businesses to give back, we would like to celebrate our work with the Capuchin Soup Kitchen here in Detroit. Each year, Shelving Inc. (both and donates 10% of our profits to help the Capuchins feed, clothe and encourage people in need.

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