The holidays have left my home in a mess, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find items that I set out to look for. I am sure this may also be true for many of you! Now that the holidays have passed, it's time to gain control of your home.

Start by packing up all the decorations and store them until next year. Make sure you do this in an orderly way so you don't allow your home to become cluttered. Put the decorations back in boxes, and label them so you will know exactly where everything is located. I love using chrome wire shelving for my larger storage needs. It is the perfect type of shelving to use when storing bulky decorations since the wire shelves are able to support large amounts of weight. Use a larger unit, such as the 4 shelf chrome wire shelving, to neatly stack and hold all your boxes.

With all the gifts both given and received over the holidays, extra storage in your bedroom closets can come in handy for boxes, wrapping paper and other holiday clutter. A chrome wire wardrobe kit is sure to provide more space. Hang clothes on the wire coat rod hanger and stack items on the wire shelves above and below. The wire shelves on the wardrobe kit will provide more shelf space to hold excess boxes, clothes and decorations.

Wire shelving is the answer to any organizing conundrum. Now you won't be able to let Christmas clutter get the best of you.

Keep Your Home Organized,

The Shelving Guy