1. Clean Your Bathroom Once and For All!

    Cleaning the bathroom feels like a strangely endless process, doesn’t it?

    It’s clean one minute, then you turn back around and it’s suddenly littered with half-used shampoo bottles and those little boxes your soap comes in all over again. There has to be a better way, right? 

    And there totally is if you use your imagination! Cleaning your bathroom doesn’t have to be an afternoon-long multi-step process that gets repeated every few weeks if you take the time to plan ahead. (The tech industry calls this “future-proofing,” but we’re only here to clean your bathroom, not take the headphone jack out of your iPod.)

    Next time you clean your bathroom, follow these few extra steps to keep it that way:


    Prevent mildew in the shower

    If there’s one thing mildew loves, it’s a wet shower. And if there’s one thing everyone loves, it’s the idea of not having to clean up any more mildew. At the end of every shower, leave a squeegee nearby and start a house rule asking that the last person to use it squeegee the whole thing down to prevent water from accumulating in the tub. In really foggy bathrooms, consider spraying some RainX (the stuff you use on windshields) around the walls and maybe kicking on a fan or leaving the door open.


    Stick with liquid soap

    Hand soap is a necessity for cleanliness and sanitation when using the bathroom, but bar soap leaves potential for a bigger mess due to soap scum and other crud on your nice porcelain sink. Unless you absolutely have to keep bar soap due to medical reasons, try to switch to liquid soap—it’s cheaper in the long run thanks to refills, and it’ll drastically reduce the time you have to spend on cleaning the sink.


    Declutter your shower supplies

    Part of cleaning the bathroom inevitably involves moving the same five bottles of shampoo around until they’re finally out of the way, but what if you did something to keep them out of the way...for good? Throw up a shower caddy with enough space for everyone’s personal shower needs and make sure everyone can get to their own shampoo and soap without any hassle. It’ll save everyone a step in the morning, and cut down on your chores next time.


    Empty out that cabinet

    Bathroom cabinets and closets are one of the biggest sources of clutter in a bathroom thanks to the amount of stuff we all let ourselves accumulate. Purge everything you know you can live without (half-filled conditioner bottles, unused cleaning supplies, etc) and then move the rest onto bathroom shelves to free up space and provide accessibility.


    Keep cleaning supplies right where you need them

    Finally, cleaning the bathroom can be made so much easier if you do short cleaning jobs more frequently, and a good way to get started is to keep cleaning supplies close at hand to handle messes as they develop. Always have some wipes and disinfectant spray under the sink, and keep a Swiffer or some small dryer sheets around to do quick sweeping jobs as the need arises. It’ll save you a ton of time and energy in the long run.


    Got any other tips for keeping a bathroom clean? Drop a comment below!

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  2. Get Motivated To Deep Clean Your House (And Make It Easier Next Time)

    We’ve all spent time with the smaller projects in our homes, the kind of stuff that takes up an afternoon at most—but what about the really big jobs?

    For many, deep cleaning the home involves mentally psyching themselves up. The toughest messes and the biggest jobs require a lot more time, energy, and attention, and it’s pretty understandable that most people might get a little put off by the idea.

    However, there are ways to both get your home cleaner than ever before, and make it easier on yourself next time too! By taking steps during your next big deep cleaning project to keep it clean for longer and make it easier on yourself the next time a big clean rolls around, you might even have an easier time finding the motivation to do it!


    Keep all your tools close at hand

    One bothersome part of cleaning is trying to remember where all your supplies are. Without the proper planning, you could find yourself spending more time looking for stuff than you do cleaning. Take some time to locate everything you normally use for cleaning (your lucky broom, your favorite all-surface spray, etc) and keep them right nearby, using plastic storage bins or over the door storage to make sure they’re right at hand when needed.


    Make a plan of action

    During any big deep cleaning project, it’s easy to get distracted by new messes you find along the way. How long has that stain been on the ceiling? Is now a good time to clean out the microwave? These can all start to pile up and throw you off track after a while, so one of the best ways to stay focused is to start out by making a plan and a goal. How many rooms do you plan to tackle? What’s the biggest sticking point in each room you’re cleaning? Map out your approach and the whole thing will go much faster—and stay right on track.


    Play music or set a timer

    Speaking of distractions, the easiest way to let a project start to draw itself out is to let the minutes fly by while you spend time checking your phone, cleaning other rooms, or losing focus on the task at hand. A great way to stay motivated and remind yourself how much time you’re working with is to make a playlist of your favorite songs or set a timer. Make a 20 or 30 minute playlist, or simply set a timer somewhere in the room, and get cleaning until the music is finished. You’ll often find yourself getting in a groove and continuing to clean long after time is up.


    Figure out where to start

    If your problem with beginning a project is being unsure of the first step, cleaning can go a lot easier if you map out a good beginning. When starting a cleaning project, begin with one of the faster projects like vacuuming the living room or putting the dishes in the dishwasher to help you get in the headspace of staying productive and cleaning. The rest of the project will fall into place as soon as you can get over that first hurdle.


    Remember: it doesn’t have to be perfect

    A lot of people can fall into the trap of being too critical on themselves after a long cleaning project, no matter how much better their home looks when it’s done. If you find yourself taking way too long in one room, or getting too hung up on one part of the job (cleaning your countertops, or getting that stain out of the couch) then you may be losing focus and becoming too hard on yourself. You’re not expecting a visit from the Queen Mother, you’re just trying to get your living room back together. This will stop you from getting discouraged, help you use your time better, and make it easier to get started next time.


    Got any other tips for staying motivated while cleaning? Drop a comment below!

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