Summer is the most popular time to put your house on the market. Closets may not be the first thing on a buyer’s must-have list, but they can certainly make or break a decision to buy. If you’re trying to sell your home this season, consider this: are your closets a selling point, or a deal breaker?

1. Keep It Simple


If it looks like you don’t have enough storage space, a buyer may deduce that they will not have enough storage space. No one wants to buy a home that they will almost instantly outgrow.

Before you list, take out all clothing but the essentials. That nice cocktail dress you wore to your cousin’s wedding? Gone. Your chunky wool sweater? Gone. Last year’s Halloween costume? Come on – when are you really going to need to dress like Zombie Sarah Palin this summer?

2. Elevate Your Stuffhome-design3 (2)

Sorry to say it but but our favorite shelf (aka the floor) is not a suitable storage space when showing your home. Keep shoes (yes, even shoes) and dirty clothes off the floor with shoe racks, hampers and wall shelves.

3. Two Words: Color. Coded.

home-design6 (2)

There’s a reason why retail stores generally group their clothes by color – it works. Grouping by color gives your closet a uniform look and is extremely pleasing to the eye.

4. No Stragglers Allowed


Loose items have no place in the seller’s closet. Round up socks, scarves, and belts into canvas storage cubes and place them on closet shelves. What an incredibly easy way to get that neat, polished look!

5. Dress to Impress

contemporary-bedroom (2)

Give your closet a makeover. If you really want to wow buyers, invest in a custom closet system. Here at The Shelving Store, we strongly recommend freedomRail. It comes in 6 wood shades that range from the modern Chocolate Pear to the rustic Driftwood Live. These systems are effortlessly assembled and offer tons of great storage options.



Yes, seriously! Hangers matter. Having coordinating hangers can really make a difference in the look of your closet. I love velvet hangers: they are much thinner (which means you can fit more clothes!), they provide gentle grip so clothing won’t slip off, and they look luxurious.


One additional benefit is that when you move, you can just take your hanging clothes from your old closet to your new closet – hangers and all – because your clothing won’t fall off! It saves loads of time.