At The Shelving Store, we love hearing about how our products helped solve your organizational dilemmas. We also love to share these stories with other customers in hopes of helping them solve organizational problems in their homes. Check out how one of our creative customers, Neil, used some of our Chrome Wire Shelving Parts to construct his own custom Card Table Chair Cart!

To build his mobile Card Table Chair Cart, Neil purchased 1 (one) 18"x 24" Chrome Wire Shelf, 4 (four) 34" Chrome Wire Round Posts, 4 (four) 18" Chrome Wire Hanger Rails, 4 (four) 24" Chrome Wire Hanger Rails, and 4 (four) Wire Shelving Casters. He used a piece of cardboard to line the bottom shelf to prevent the table chair legs from sliding through the wire shelf vents. Using A Chrome Wire Shelf Liner is also a great option for lining the bottom shelf! Now he can easily store his Card Table Chairs without them falling over and the chairs can be moved from room to room with ease!

Thanks to Neil for sharing your Chrome Wire Card Table Cart with us! If we have helped you conquer clutter in your home contact us to share your story - you could be featured on our blog!