With the arrival of the weekend, we've decided to lose the suits and dip into our painters jeans for a special edition of our Shelving blog. That's right, we wear suits sometimes. But not at this time, because of the special addition and all. You may wonder why we're wearing painters jeans?

Because overalls don't look good on anyone.

So we've rolled up our sleeves and started work on a creative chrome projects to prove just how versatile Chrome Wire shelving is! In two hours, three teams of innovative chromies (like cronies, but friends with chrome) put their design skills to the test in order to create some very impressive functional art.

Art really does mimic real life!

Here you can see our resident racer John as he revs up his chrome cruiser to take on this stationary station wagon. John's creation inspired a particularly work-minded individual who looked at his craft and thought:

This chrome kinda looks like our pallet truck

Note the fuel cylinder on back, the scale of the forklift prongs, and the cozy cab compartment. While impressive overall, it lacks that pneumatic lift that would really lift this design to the top. For the most outstanding creation, we turn to our creative guru, our in-house designer, the one and only: Amy!

Go ahead, be jealous

Talk about talent, check out the creative umbrella made out of four chrome corner shelves. Rain might pour on your picnic, but hiding under that spiral of awesome would certainly keep you dry. Not dry, really, but cool. Super cool. She even outfitted it with some accessories such as a napkin holder and cup holders.

So next time you think about creating a shelving unit, or buying any material, take a look at it in a new light. You might find yourself with an awesome truck, patio set, or anything else your imagination can dream up!