Closets are one of the most difficult and most important spaces in your home to organize! Everyone can benefit from more closet space, and at The Shelving Store, custom closet organizing happens to be one of our specialties.

Last week a busy mom came into our showroom looking for a storage solution for her son's bedroom. He had a smaller bedroom, but a fairly large closet and she wanted to utilize the closet space to store his toys and clothes. She did not want to purchase an additional dresser or toy box that would take up valuable floor space. We hooked her up with one of our Schulte FreedomRail Systems!

She loved the shelves and hanging rods to hang up clothes, and the Schulte O-Boxes for toy storage. This closet storage system allowed all of the clothing and toys to be stored in the closet, leaving plenty of space for fun in his small bedroom!

The Shelving Store can help you create the custom closet of your dreams too with a huge selection of customizable shelving and organization products.

Keep Your Home & Closet Organized
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