While searching for something insightful to blog about, I stumbled upon a list of historical events which occurred during the month of April. I noticed an entry that stated that the first Easter Egg Roll at the White House took place on April 2, 1877! That one little tidbit brought so many memories of Easter rushing back from my childhood and from the days when my daughters were younger. My most vivid memories are of elaborate Easter dresses and lovely little Easter bonnets. Multi-colored hands after the dying of the eggs and Easter brunch with my parents and all 7kids in their Sunday best after Easter morning services, are also remembered with great fondness. Of course, no Easter memory would be complete without the Easter egg hunt and the huge baskets filled to overflowing with all sorts of marvelous, brightly-colored confections featuring sugars in every possible form.

As my own children arrived, I tried to keep most of the same traditions in place. They had the most adorable Easter dresses (bonnets had for the most part become obsolete)! They, too, lived with the stained fingers from the egg dye. It was when it came to all of that candy that I knew it was time to amend some of those traditions. Of course their baskets contained chocolate bunnies and jelly beans, but I wanted to limit the amounts of that and hopefully reduce the dental bills. I searched for alternative ideas. I remember filling their baskets with pastel colored sidewalk chalk and brightly colored jump ropes. Hand painted t-shirts in bunny themes, toe socks in great colors and packets of flower seeds they could nurture replaced the mounds of junk food.

My girls loved bright colors. Their rooms were always painted in the colors they chose. This past week I got such a kick watching a dad who came into the showroom with 4 kids, who all happened to be on spring break from school. Each of the kids picked out one of our brightly colored kids lockers for their rooms. I searched for lockers for my girlÂ’s bedrooms when they were younger but could never find them. What a great Easter gift that would be for some youngster to wake up and find next to their basket! Not only would you possibly eliminate some cavities, but you could help encourage them to clean their rooms by providing them a fun place to organize their treasures!