No one likes this time of year, when the dreaded chore of taking down holiday decorations must be done.

This year, putting your seasonal decor away properly, and in an organized manner will ease the stress of unpacking and repacking it in future years, making holiday decorating a much more enjoyable activity.

To pack your holiday decor most effectively, eliminate all those odd shaped cardboard boxes that your outdoor lights, and other bulky decorations came in. Instead, purchase plastic storage boxes. Our Akro Storage Boxes and Bins are a good choice. By using plastic boxes, many items can be placed in one box and labeled, so everyone knows which items belong where. Plastic boxes of the same size are easy to stack and arrange, making the most of your storage space. The use of plastic storage bins instead of cardboard boxes also protects the contents from water damage and other environmental hazards in storage areas.

Sort your items in an organized manner, such as all lights in the same box, all ornaments in one box, exc. You can also sort the decorations by room, for example, living room decor or foyer decor. Finally, label contents of each box and ensure you return the correct items to their proper box each year.

These techniques can be used to store seasonal decor from all holiday celebrations. You can even further your decoration organization by color coding your holiday storage boxes. For instance, store all your Christmas decor in red or green boxes, use orange boxes for Halloween decor, and perhaps purple or blue boxes for Easter.

Keep Your Seasonal Decor Organized
-The Shelving Guy