With so many different ways of using your space, getting organized is like herding cats (in reality, it’s a lot easier to just organize your cats). Einstein knew that when he announced his Eureka Theory: if you put something on the shelf for a while, you’ll have a “Eureka!” moment, giving you instant clarity. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by getting organized, take a break to get your mind off of things! Enjoy these pictures of cats on shelves while we subtly urge you toward finding a storage solution for your stuff.

Meet Smeagol, our resident Sphynx. He loves sitting on shelves and drinking like people. We get asked all the time if we shave him, but that’s absurd: Do you know how hard it is to even trim his nails? I can’t imagine going near him with a set of shears. We’ve actually created a walkway for him in our house using floating wood shelves, which are really handy in the living room. Since our couch sits against the wall, it provides us with a little end table for drinks and other trinkets.

Here’s Gabe, Gus, Greg, Grant, Gretchen, Gwen, and Kyle, sharing their favorite bunk-bed (we tried to tell you that it’s easy to organize your cats). We wanted to add label holders but Kyle and Gwen had a hissy fit. We think the kitties like the wire shelving because the ventilated design allows them to share each others warmth without being crushed by fat-Gabe. However, some kitties are more picky.

Imagine having a high maintenance friend that constantly wanted to sleep over in the most inconvenient places. Now imagine that friend as 9 lbs of fur and claws and only speaks in trills. Well, rather than let him sleep in places like the on the 2nd step from the landing, on our open laptop, or on our faces at night, we thought about building him his own bed.

Susan H., one of our beloved and clever customers, decided to cater to these kitties and build them their very own cat tree. But what made her decide on wire shelving? Let’s ask Susan:

“I came across a photo online where a person used Ikea closet shelving to make a modern cat ‘tree’ for his apartment.  It wasn’t practical for me to have something that went up to the ceiling, so I looked at ready-to-assemble wire shelving… I was excited to find your website to order baskets (my cats love baskets and boxes) and the poles in different lengths.“

Her design uses 6 posts (two are shorter than the rest) to create tiered storage with wire shelving baskets. Once assembled, Susan added some felt carpet squares for kitty comfort and easy climbing. The floor level basket is a great place to keep cat-toys that would otherwise be scattered throughout the house.

Luckily, Cleo and Wilson are big fans of their new wind-perch. Many cat owners know the remorse of splurging on a present for a companion that would rather play with a ball of paper. However, this pet present came with a practical backup plan:
“Since cats can be unpredictable, I like knowing that I could reassemble the parts and make it into pantry shelving if it doesn’t go over big.”

With a versatility not found in any other storage product, wire shelving helped to save the day! We hope that helped take your mind off of storage for a second to come up with a great idea for getting organized. Wait a second…

Eureka! You could just use some decorative wall shelves or create your own wire shelving storage solution! Oh, Einstein, you always know just what to say. Now, dear reader, stop procrastinating at start storing those cats!