When you want to add a little character to your home, originality is key. Going to the big-box stores will only get you so far but using a little design and imagination you can create custom pieces that will surly spark conversation at your next gathering. We have chosen five of our favorite DIY shelving ideas that are easy to do and will leave you asking for more!!!

Finding a spare door is easier than you think but cutting it could prove the a bit of a challenge if you don't have a saw. But since everyone has a power tool hanging around the house, this is very easy. Just cut the door in two and use corner shelving to accent.
This shelf is truly off the chains! Just take four chains and attach to ceiling. You can use metal bars as brackets and find your favorite pieces of wood as shelves.

Adding shelving to the tops of your window already looks good but this has a multipurpose functionality. Drill holes into the brackets and you can easily use them to hold the window rod in place.

A lot of people have fire places that they never use or they don't work. You can easily create a bookcase in its place. Just cover the opening with wood, paint or add wallpaper and place shelves.

For anyone that has a garage full of old skies this is perfect. Bind the skies together and drill holes through each shelf to stick the ski poles.