“Decluttering” has been a popular topic in the world of home organizations for years now, and with good reason – most of us just have too much stuff and it does good to get rid of it sometimes!

But this can be pretty hard for some people, and it’s easy to understand why. It’s easy to start getting too attached to stuff, especially if you’re the sentimental type (or if you just like having options), and you might not be fully willing to get rid of it all. There’s always a few things you should ask yourself if you’re about to start decluttering your home, and here’s where you can start:


Have I used this in the last year? This is the easiest one. If it serves a specific purpose and you haven’t used it in about a year or so, it’s probably time to part ways.


Would I buy this now if I saw it on the shelf? Tastes change, times change, and maybe that cute shirt or that shelf decoration you loved a while ago doesn’t look quite as fun anymore. If you wouldn’t buy something now that you did back then, it might be a sign you don’t need it around anymore.


Is this taking storage space away from something I need more? A big reason to declutter is when it starts taking valuable space away from something you currently use, or at least need to actively store to use later. Check out things like wire shelving or closet storage to see if you have any big items that can be safely moved out to make space for other items you actually need to hang onto.


Am I going to be using it anytime soon? A lot of people tend to hold onto items in the event of “future need” (no judgment, we do it too!) and this is a pretty common cause of house clutter. Now is a great time to stop making excuses – if you do have a plan to use it, set a schedule and stick to it, and if it doesn’t work out, toss it out. And if you can’t think of a plan to get rid of it? All the more reason to part ways.


Can someone else use this more than me? This can really be a big motivator to help get rid of something you don’t use anymore. If you have clothes that can go to a thrift store for someone less fortunate to use, some old electronics that someone else might get more use out of, or even just some house crud that you think someone else can enjoy more, passing them along will both help you declutter and let you know that your gifts helped someone a little less fortunate than yourself.


Of course, answering these is the easy part: you’ve got to actually start decluttering next, and that’s always the trickiest step. But don’t worry – The Shelving Store is here with all the home organization you might need!