Cleaning is never a bad thing, even if you just do a little bit here and there, but there’s some things around the house that need...a little more work.

Maybe it’s designed to keep something else clean, maybe it’s just a natural dirt magnet, but whatever the reason there’s a lot of things around your house that are going to need a little more than just a once-over with the Mean Green. Here’s five things that are always in need of a little deeper clean that you can get to over a weekend:

The Blinds: It might be a little hard to see with all the sunshine, but blinds are a pretty natural magnet for dirt, pet dander, and other miscellaneous “house crud”. Every few months, particularly in the sunnier months when the sunlight lasts a little longer, wipe your blinds down with warm water and dish soap. Vertical blinds can be removed and laid flat before wiping, ideally kept on some ventilated wire shelving to allow for better drying. Wooden blinds can be treated with a tiny amount of Pledge or just some warm water.

Washing Machines: Even if it washes your clothes, your washing machine needs a little help to keep itself clean now and again. Front-loading washers can be cleaned out by spraying the rubber gasket in the front with vinegar and wiped down, and then by running an empty cycle on the highest temperature setting with 2 cups of vinegar into the detergent dispenser. By adding a half-cup of baking soda to the machine and running a second cycle, you can dry out the vinegar and prevent the buildup of mildew - after all, if your washing machine is full of mold, it’s not going to get much washing done, is it?

Fridge & Freezer: Once a season, take inventory of your fridge and freezer; anything expired (or anything that’s simply not going to get eaten) can get tossed out, and anything that winds up in the fridge that doesn’t actually have to go there (most hot sauces, for example) can get placed on a pantry organizer and kept out of the way to free up room. After this, take a vacuum to the refrigerator coil and grill to keep everything running effectively, and wipe down the doors with either some orange cleaner or stainless steel cleaner depending on the material your fridge is made out of.

Barbecues & Grills: Some places might tell you to do a quick wipedown of your grill with an onion right after cooking, and while that’s a good short term solution it isn’t going to get everything as edibly clean as it needs to be. Disconnect the propane, take off the metal grates and let them soak in hot soapy water, and scrub down the hood and walls with a stiff grill brush using a cleaner designed for your grill’s surface (stainless steel, porcelain, etc) to get everything scraped away and shiny clean.

Mattresses: Even if the sheets have been freshly washed, when’s the last time you actually cleaned the mattress? Vacuum off your mattress and leave it on its side for 12 to 24 hours before replacing the sheets to really get all the crud out. Wash your pillows (not just the pillowcases) on the hottest setting possible to prevent bacteria and keep your bed as clean as possible.

After you get all this clean, you’ll never be satisfied with just wiping something down with a wet rag again. (We’re sorry in advance.)