We’ve all encountered our share of closet organization headaches, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of so long as you stay on top of it. But it might be fair to say that the only thing harder to organize than your own closet…is your kids’ closets.

Reading that probably gave you bad flashbacks to the last time your kids were stuck inside all day on a weekend cleaning up their room, but there’s ways to make it go faster and keep everything organized for next time! If you’re looking to keep your kids’ closet a little tidier and reduce the amount of work it takes, here’s a few things you can do to help:


Figure out what’s not working. If your kids’ closets are constantly overflowing and cluttered, then the best place to start is to identify what the problems might be. Take a look inside their closets and see what’s missing, what isn’t being used to its fullest potential (extra space, hanger usage, etc), and try to get an idea of exactly how much size you have to work with to get started. You’d be surprised how many closet organization issues can be solved just by having a better knowledge of the space available to you and how to use it!


Work through the essentials first. No matter how your kid likes to dress or what they’re keeping in their closet, there’s some things every closet needs. Make sure they have plenty of kid-sized hangers (to prevent their clothes from falling off adult hangers), give them plenty of closet shelving and storage bins to keep everything in, and really think to foresee any need they could have to prevent messes before they happen.


Keep it easy for your kids to use. A big problem with organizing kids’ closets is that parents often forget to look down and make things accessible at kid-level. Draw an imaginary horizontal line across the middle of the closet and try to keep as much of your new organization as possible below that line so your kids can still reach it – otherwise, what good is it going to do everyone if your kids can’t even reach their stuff?


Use as much of the space as possible – including the door. Try to arrange everything so that no one organizational method takes up too much of the space, and then maximize everything’s position to keep them easily accessible and out of the way. Remember to get some over the door storage to hang onto bulkier items like shoes, as this will be a huge benefit to freeing up space and keeping everything from becoming a mess again later.


Remember the kids’ stuff. Nine times out of ten, kids’ closets aren’t just exclusively for clothes, or even mostly for clothes. There’s going to be a lot of books and toys that wind up in here, and just so long as they’re all put away neatly there’s really no reason to not keep them in the closet. Better there than on the floor, right?


And remember – you’re there to help! If your kids struggle with keeping things clean, then try working with them to remind them why to keep their room clean, not just how. They’ll get the hang of it one day, we all do!