Shelves: we all have them, we all use them, and some rooms need them a little more than others.

But sometimes they just don’t quite match, you know? Decor tastes and preferences can vary wildly from person to person, and when it comes to home storage you also need to factor in things like usability and available space before you go crazy with the redecorating.

If you’re looking to enhance your home storage space while keeping everything coordinated and cozy, we’ve got a few tips here on how to personalize the shelving you’ve got:

Repaint When & Where You Can

If you’ve lived somewhere long enough, you’re probably going to get the itch to repaint a few rooms now and again. This is all well and good, but it can lead to a slippery slope of suddenly deciding everything already in the room doesn’t match, and...well, you know.

While we can’t make everything suddenly match your new taste in wall color, there are ways to make everything match without having to buy all new shelves and cabinets. Many wooden shelves, like wood wall shelves and bookcases, can be easily re-stained or repainted to better match your current decor without having to totally replace everything! (And this way you can change it back if you ever decide to repaint again…)

Expand Your Current Shelves

A lot of people have the (understandably) natural instinct to just buy more shelves or tables or something when they start to run out of room on their current ones. And sure, this can help a lot in some situations, but in many cases it’s a lot more economical to expand and enhance the shelves you already have. Try looking into something like individual wall shelves or shelving add ons to create the shelving you need out of the stuff you already have, or check out wire shelving parts to customize your shelves with things like hooks and wheels to make them easier to use. Always try to personalize your current stuff before looking to expand - your wallet will be happy you did!

Try Wallpaper

An increasingly popular method of customizing bookcases and shelves is to use wallpaper! Especially in rooms where the walls are painted, wallpaper is a good way to add texture and pattern to a shelving unit or bookcase without having to get paint everywhere. Remove all of the shelves from the bookcase (or take them down off the wall) and cover the shelves, cabinet, and backing with the wallpaper of your choice to add an extra splash of color without the hassle of painting!

Remember to Show Off Your Stuff

A lot of people get stuck on the idea of shelves being purely practical. This is all well and good, but part of the fun of shelves is getting to show off your favorite stuff! Instead of thinking of your shelves as just an organizational tool, remember to have some fun with it. That treasured vintage record player your dad left you? Souvenirs from a long-ago family trip? That ugly lamp you found at the thrift store that you just couldn’t pass up even though the whole thing is that weird 70s orange-brown color? Take this as an opportunity to show off some of your favorite stuff from around the house - it’ll help you declutter a bit and breathe some new life into a room, which is really all you can ask for from a shelf, right?