That's right. It's Geek Week. And in order to celebrate, we have a few ways for you to geek-out your shelving.
This Mario and Luigi themed shelf is a great way to express your inner geek. With just a few of our Storage Cube Super's and some paint, this shelf can be in your room in no time!
Just start off with as many of these Storage Cubes as you want. After a quick and easy assembly, use black paint to paint in the bricks. Then just mount them to the wall with a few screws! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! And you can be as creative as you want, adding in a background or little figurines. Either way, they will add storage space while still expressing your awesome geeky side. So don't wait! "Let's a go!" and express yourself!
These shelves are on like Donkey Kong! Now unfortunately, it would be extremely difficult to replicate this completely, but with some help from our wire shelving, we can get something similar to this. If you want the whole level variety, you can use our wall mounted shelving. You could spray paint the shelving black on the "main" part and red on the "zig zag" part. For the ladders, you could paint the "wall mounting part" teal and voila, you have a Donkey Kong themed shelf! 
Honestly, I have no idea how these were made but they were way too cool not to show. If you have a lot of patience I would suggest getting a bunch of our floating shelves in a variety of sizes, and then attempt to construct this. If you can do this, kudos to you. You should share that talent to the world!! 
And this is completely not shelving related but it is geeky and I feel that everyone should have the chance to see this awesomeness.