Getting organized for the new school year is as simple as buying a few boxes and bins for school items, and homework. Boxes and bins have an expansive number of uses ranging from long-term storage to small supply organizers. For bulkier items that you wish to store such as lunch boxes, back packs, team sports equipment and more, be sure to label them so they are easy to find. Stacking bins helps optimize space so you can store more items and still have room to move around. Use a variety of sizes and colors to distinguish the categories in which you are sorting. Stacking bins work great for homework not yet done, completed homework, papers parents need to sign and more.

Shelf bins can provide an easy way to organize printer paper, files, and other small office supplies, especially handy for those high school and college students. They too come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to help you set apart not yet finished assignments, from graded assignments and much more. Also be sure to go through bins you have not used in the past year or so and get rid of items you know you will never use again. This will help free up space and keep you more organized for the new school year. Good luck!