Now that the holidays have come to an end and you are settling into 2011 its time to get organized. We want to help you keep your New Year's Resolution to get and stay organized! There's no excuse for clutter when you have help from The Shelving Store. To get you started, here are 11 tips to get organized in 2011!

1.Bedroom- Try using one of our chrome wire shelving units or kids lockers as a nightstand next to your bed. Both of these products add style and offer ample space for storing bedtime reading materials and a flat top got your lamp and alarm clock!
2.Closet: If you cringe when you think about how disorganized your closest it try one of our closet shelving kits! It's easy to assemble and can be customized with your closet dimensions.
3.Kitchen: If you need extra room and don't want to pay to get expensive new cabinets try using one of our chrome wire kitchen kits, with wheels on the bottom you can load this product up with different kitchenware and move it where ever you please.
4.Pantry: Get your pantry organized with our closet pantry kits! These pre-made kits are simple to install and fit in your pantry perfectly.
5.Living room: Give your living room a facelift as you get organized with one of our stylish media centers. For a super modern look, try using on shelf chrome wire units as coffee and end tables!
6.Home Office: Bright lockers add a refreshing and whimsical touch to your home office while offering secure and ample storage.
7.Bathroom: Add flair and extra storage in your bathroom with one of our decorative shelving lines. Choose from elegant floating glass, sturdy sumo shelving and more.
8.Kids rooms: Get all those new toys from Santa organized with P'Kolino kids storage solutions. These products come in kid friendly colors and fun styles to get kids excited to clean up!
9.Basement: Keep your basement clean with chrome wire shelving units. Chrome wire ensures boxes are above ground level, keeping items safe from floods. Plus chrome wire is designed to not rust in cold and hot temperature changes.
10.Foyer: When guest first arrive at your house have your equip your entryway with an umbrella flip hook so your guests can hang their coats and easily grab them on their way out.
11.Garage: Our garage storage solutions can help you make room for the one thing that actually belongs in your garage - your car! Ultra sturdy garage shelving and garage shelving kits are simple and easy to use.

Plus this January, don't forget, everything at The Shelving Store is 30% off, so you can even save some money on your organization goals!

Keep 2011 Organized,
The Shelving Guy