With Halloween right around the corner, you are probably wondering where on earth you are going to store the newest additions to your kids' costume collection. You also are probably wondering where all those new decorations you couldn't live without are going to fit back inside your home.

Luckily, P'Kolino offers Kids Play Kits, which are kids sized plastic storage bins to store similar items. By using a couple P'Kolino Kids Play Kits, you can organize that costume collection for good. Simply place each costume and any accessories in it's own bin and label it. These Play Kits will stack in closets with ease and slide easily under beds for more storage options. Play Kits come in fun colors so you can even color code your storage area, for example girls costumes can be stored in pink boxes and boys costumes can be placed in blue boxes.

Similarly, store Halloween decorations in fun orange P'Kolino Play Kits and you'll always know where your scary decorations are come next Halloween.

Have a fun, safe and organized Halloween!
-The Shelving Guy