Here at The Shelving Store, we pride ourselves in offering custom storage solutions for any space! Here’s how our organizational experts helped one local salon owner discover the decorative storage solution she was seeking for her modern, ultra chic hair salon!

One particularity rainy afternoon, a trendy salon owner came to The Shelving Store with an organizational emergency: How can I display my salon hair products in a way that matches my contemporary orange and green decor?

Our solution: Decorative Glass Art Shelving. Like all of our decorative shelving, Glass Art Shelving can help you not only get organized, but create a trendy display area all your own- perfect for her salon. She loved the unique shapes the shelving was available in. Plus the sleek clear designs coordinated perfectly with her trendy decor!

One more organizational emergency solved! If you find yourself in an storage dilemma, visit The Shelving Store for your custom storage solution!

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