Spend less time sorting through holiday decorations and more time with your family this holiday season. At The Shelving Store we have a solution to getting your holiday decor organized. Use our 3 Akro Stack-N-Store Bins to get those lights in order or to store away that bulky fake Christmas tree.

Akro Stack-N-Store Bins come in different colors, so you can even further your organization by placing all holiday decor in certain colors, so next year it will be less of a pain to find those cute inflatables you just had to have this season.

Help jump start your kids getting their new toys organized by giving them the Kid's Play Kit for Christmas. Its a fun and stylish way for them to get their toys organized, and the best part is they come in charming colors like blue, green, and purple.

Taking down those holiday lights should be a breeze this year with our great holiday storage solutions. Take advantage of our holiday sale and get 25% off everything on the site, this makes organizing affordable and fun. The holiday sale only lasts until January 3rd so start shopping today!

Keep Your Holidays Organized
-The Shelving Guy