In the spirit of the holiday season our team at The Shelving Store had a window decorating contest. The only catch was that we had to use our wire shelving and accessories as part of the decorations. Look at what we came up with...

A snowman made out of casters and a donut bumper, complete with a hat, scarf and carrot nose.

Santa's sled make out of posts, shelves, shelf ledges and a chrome cup holder. And it would not be complete without gifts and a reindeer which is actually a lama!
A Christmas tree made with posts and Umbra conceal floating shelves. This tree is finished off with garland, bulbs and lumps of coal.
Another Christmas tree made with posts and wall mounted brackets, complete with decorations and a tree skirt.
One of our showroom doors decked out with wire shelves, garland, stockings and  a menorah.
Mickey Santa on his sled landing on the roof of a house to drop off gifts. The sled is made out of posts, hanger rails and a UPS bag full of presents. The house was made from wire shelves, shelf dividers and a cardboard couch and bed.