Home Decor

  1. Decorating With Wood Shelves

    As the weather turns and you find yourself indoors a little more often, you might start to change your mind about some of the decor in your house.

    Maybe the nautical theme in your living room isn’t quite working anymore now that summer is over, or maybe you’re just looking for something a little more cozy and rustic with the holidays approaching. We think we might have what you need: wood shelves!

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  2. Year-Round Fireplace Mantel Decoration Tips

    If the weather where you are is anything like where it is for us here at The Shelving Store, it’s probably looking a little...bleak and grey outside right now.

    Bad news for any of your outdoorsy types, but it’s great news for anyone who likes to stay cozy indoors, especially if you have a fireplace!

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  3. Uses Around The Home For Ladder Style Shelving

    Before we get started, let’s get something totally clear. When we say ladder shelves, we’re not actually talking about ladders with shelves on them. We’re talking about these:

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  4. Uses for Heavy Duty Shelving in the Home

    A lot of people see our heavy duty shelving and think “wow, that looks handy, but I don’t know where I’d even use it”.

    This is understandable - it’s not as obviously decorative as some of our other shelves, and people initially think it belongs in a warehouse due to its ‘industrial’ look and design.

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  5. What is freedomRail?

    freedomRail is the ideal solution to make use of wall space to organize your life from your closet to your office. With just a few screws, you can have a custom wall storage solution, available in a variety of shades and styles.

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