Recently I was at a local furniture store scouring the showroom for the perfect couch. From across the room, like a golden glowing light, I saw the couch of everyone's dreams. It was a beautiful sectional with a full-body back massager in every seat, plenty of storage space and cushions that were like fluffy clouds. The sales associate, who was following me around like a hawk, swooped down for the kill and said, "Isn't this couch great, it was made for a man cave!"

This got me thinking, why was this awesome couch being marketed for just men and if that couch is for a man cave then it is definitely time to raise the bar with a woman's cave.

Now I know that a man only gets one room and the woman gets the rest of the house but we need a room  just for us too. The problem is, where does one begin and how does one create the perfect woman's cave.

STEP 1: Get your thoughts organized

Sit down with a nice glass of wine and envision the room you want, now come back to reality and make it happen. Think about your passions, the things that interest you and expand from there. A woman's cave is supposed to be one's place to pursue interests and just relax. For example if you love to read, then fill the room with books and good lighting or if you love to paint, then buy a painters easel and make sure you are by a huge window for inspiration. Get a solid plan in mind and start scavenging the house for furniture or go shopping.

STEP 2: It's all about the mood

As we all do when designing a room, you must pick the right color scheme. Pick a color to match your personality; if you are bold and daring then make a statement with reds and oranges, if you are laid-back and tranquil then go for softer colors like light blue or neutrals. The point is you want to be able to walk in the room and know it represents you. Once you have the color, start building around it. If you are overwhelmed with what colors to choose, most people find it easiest to pick colors that coordinate with furniture or decor pieces you love.

STEP 3: Relax in your style

You must have the perfect place to sit, a big comfy couch might work or maybe you want the fluffiest, biggest floor cushions to sprawl out on. Pillows are a must but as always remember to keep with the vibe you want to convey. Go with funky fabrics and designs to put that extra special touch in the room. Pictures or posters are always a nice way to represent your interests and is the perfect place to shop for any poster or print. If you want a custom design then will work as well. Having unique accents can also help to make this room your own. Shop around at antique shops and flea markets for bargain finds and one-of-a-kind items.


STEP 4: Let there be light

Depending on what kind of look you are going for, you may want dim lighting, candles or bright lights. Find a light fixture that fits the rooms and roll with it. Candles can help to relax you because of aroma therapy and the perfectly placed window can make all the difference. When designing a room, one should always make sure to have multiple types of lighting, like ambiance, task and accent, so be sure to include all three to make this room perfect. If you need some inspiration, reference interior design tutor to guide you towards the light.  In a perfect world, a sky light would just top everything off.

STEP 5: Invite others into your space

Don't forget to think about the fact that you want to invite your friends into the woman's cave. You can make this a place for girl's night, equipped with a TV, a place to play music and wine, lots and lots of wine, oh and don't forget the chocolate!  Also, make sure you have the space for others to be comfortable.

            And remember this room is just for you, NO BOYS ALLOWED!!!