Now that The Shelving Store has an entire new line of locker accessories, it's the perfect time to show you how to decorate your locker and make it your own.

You have one of two options here. If you have a locker at home, there is a little more freedom for decorating but if this is for school, a few restrictions may apply.

If you are decorating for school, refrain from using markers or tape because after all you do have to return the locker at the end of the school year.
The best way to go is magnets. Add personal style or tape pictures to magnets and display them. A dry-erase board is going to be great to place on the locker so your friends can write you messages.

If this is a locker at home, then the skies the limit. You can go crazy and draw all over it, tape up anything and even see if you can fit inside!!!

Adding wallpaper can work for school or at home and a mirror is always a good thing to have around.
You always want to reminder to keep your locker clean, so you can find what you're looking for. There is nothing worse than searching for you favorite book or study guide and it's lost.

A great idea is to turn the slits in your locker into a mailbox, so your friends can give you notes at anytime. And since there is no circulation in there, add an air freshener of your favorite sent so it's always smelling great.

You can decorate your locker to fit your personal style, be creative and have fun with it. And if you need a little inspiration, The Shelving Store can certainly help out.