When it's time to get down to business, the last thing one wants is to sit down in your office and become buried in all the mess.
If this has happened to you or your office is getting to the point of no return, be proactive and organize your office using a few helpful tips.

Create an Effective System and STICK TO IT

The whole point is to get organized and keep it that way. What's the point of cleaning and organizing only to have to do it again in a few weeks. Start by sifting through your papers and toss the one's you don't need. For instance if there is a paper from 4 years ago that bears no significance, toss it. But keep in mind that if the papers you are throwing away have personal information of them, shred them. Use a permanent
marker and erase it all. You don't want your information getting in the wrong hands.

Now for the papers you want to keep, you have two options. One is to box your documents and the other is to create a filing system. Purchase a variety of colored folders and mark each one so you're not digging to find anything.

 Keep Important Accessories in Clear View

There is nothing worse than going to print a document and having to dig for your printer under piles of work. Now is the time to throw out your old fax machines, printers and phones that are sitting in your office collecting dust. You could go on Craigslist to try and sell them for a few bucks too. When organizing, make sure your printer is in clear view and nothing is obstructing it. Having a messy office raises the chance of something falling into your printer and breaking it. Keep your phone at an arms length reach while sitting at your desk. Use these tips and tricks to keep your expensive office accessories safe and effective.

Relocate Personal Items

We all love to have family photos and pet pictures on our desks; they make us smile. But they are also a distraction and increase the clutter on our decks. A perfect solution is to buy a shelf, maybe from The Shelving Store, hint hint, and use it for your personal items. That way they are still close to your heart but not on your desk.

Organizing your office will create a work or play environment conducive to being productive and getting tasks done in a timely fashion. Remember that once you organize your office and keep it clean and tidy it could look like this...