We all know that chrome wire shelving can help you organize your home or office but sometimes you want your organization to work with the design and colors of your room. That can be a challenge but our black wire shelving is the perfect solution.

We have our most popular size, 18″d available in the sleek black wire for your convenience. Now you may be asking yourself, “what about if I want to hang the shelves to save even more space?” No need to fear, we’ve got you covered.

The Shelving Store now proudly carries black wire brackets to hang your shelves off the ground and create more space for life’s stuff. We have the 18″d single bracket and the 18″d double bracket. If you want to simply hang your shelves on the wall then the single bracket is the perfect choice.


The single bracket includes the mounting plate, corner caps and screws for easy installation. Now depending on your wall construction you may want to consider anchors which will help insure your unit is safe and sturdy. This particular kind of bracket mounts directly to the wall so you want to make sure you know exactly where you want to place it before drilling it in. Once the brackets are in place, you simply place the 18″d black shelf on the brackets and insert corner caps to give a finished look.


The double bracket is used in conjunction with the single brackets to adjoin two shelves. You mount the double bracket to the wall in the same manner you would the single using the wall plate and screws included in the package. For a complete wall construction you would need two single brackets and one double bracket. You’d mount each bracket then place your shelves on the it using the double to connect the two shelves as shown below.


Our black wire brackets are the perfect way to help organize your home and lift items off the ground. Stay tuned for more new products and accessories from The Shelving Store. We’re always here to lend a helping hand and get you organized.