It's that time, folks - the days are getting longer, the geese are leaving presents on our lawns, and everything is starting to get really, really's springtime. Time to climb out of our caves and start doing what we've put off all winter.

Which brings to does the interior of your garage look? Were you able to fit the cars inside all winter, or did you spend far too many mornings scraping Siberia off of your Ford Taurus? Springtime is the perfect time to make your garage functional.

A typical winter morning here in Michigan
We are now proud to be offering Monkey Bar Storage, a simple and affordable way to whip your garage into ship-shape. All Monkey Bar Storage products are made of industrial-strength steel and, most importantly, can be installed in just fifteen minutes with all hardware included. Never has garage storage been so easy!
Turn this...
Monkey Bar Storage creates a place for everything so that everything stays in its place. The line includes such diverse offerings as golf bag holders, baseball racks, and bike storage. And for storing everything else, don't forget about our signature Chrome Wire Shelving!

...into THIS.
So now there are no excuses for disorganized, dysfunctional garages. Check out our Monkey Bar Storage for a durable, affordable, and fast solution!