As our loyal customers know we are committed to providing the best home organization products, and we've expanded our product line once again. The Shelving Store is proud to announce the addition of popular ShoeTrap products to our store.

ShoeTrap offers customizable shoe storage units. You can organize the many pairs of shoes and accessories you have accumulated with style by using ShoeTrap products. Begin building your custom shoe storage unit with a sturdy wooden ShoeTrap Base. Next, choose your ShoeTrap boxes that are available in 3 sizes for boots, flats and sandals, and high heels. These boxes are made from Spanish Wood to keep shoes organized and free from dust and other environmental damage. The decorative frosted glass window allows you to see what shoes are in which box!

You can stack your ShoeTrap boxes in endless ways on the closet floor, or use the ShoeTrap stand to create a free standing unit anywhere in your home. By storing and organizing your shoe collection with ShoeTrap products, you'll never have to worry about losing your shoes. Keeping shoes off the floor will also prevent tripping accidents and your dog from chewing your favorite pair.