1. The Ups and Downs of Kitchen Decoration Trends

    Sometimes it feels like the kitchen is the hardest room to organize and decorate, doesn’t it? 

    There’s an awful lot of stuff in kitchens, which makes sense, but it makes it really hard to keep it both organized and decorative. It seems like it’s either one or the other in many cases: you can either have a kitchen that’s visually pleasing and well-decorated or a kitchen that’s well-organized and free of clutter...but rarely both.

    It doesn’t always have to be like that! There’s plenty of ways to get a well-organized and good-looking kitchen that does everything you need it to, it just requires a good understanding of everything that goes into it and what you have to do to organize your kitchen properly.

    Below are a few common kitchen decoration strategies, and what you can do to keep them both functional and aesthetic: 

    Open Plan Kitchens

    Pros: Plenty of space for preparation; easier access to many different parts of the kitchen;ample space for everyone in the house to get in there to help with cooking or put things away.

    Cons: Lack of storage space; harder to keep decluttered and clean (due to extra surface space)

    How to organize: Open kitchens need a lot more love than smaller ones due to the lack of wall space, which means they’re not going to have any cabinets. Wall shelves are a good way to make up for this lack of cabinet space by giving your pots, pans, and ingredients somewhere to sit, and in many cases pantry organizers can be repurposed as open-space countertop storage instead.

    Open Shelving

    Pros: Aesthetically pleasing; allows for easier access to things like dishes; more light in kitchen

    Cons: May force display of nicer-looking dishes, leaving no room for the daily-use cutlery and plates; requires more careful arrangement and use than closed cabinets do

    How to organize: Consider how your display pieces will look on open shelves to avoid too much visual clutter. Limit your use of open shelving to a handful of more special-occasion dishes to maintain a good look while keeping the more-used dishes and glasses in a closed cabinet to avoid visual clutter and keep the ‘daily drivers’ a little easier to get to.

    Long Drawers Instead Of Cabinets

    Pros: Better containment of small items to prevent loss; better visual indicators of where items are when drawers are opened (as opposed to cabinets); better storage for certain items.

    Cons: More difficult to store items of unique shapes or widths; waste of space when forced to store pots and pans in drawers instead of cabinets,

    How to organize: Careful thought needs to be placed on what’s being stored in drawers as opposed to cabinets. Leave some wall space (or get a hanging rack) for bigger items like pots and pans, and save any available drawer space for smaller items that can be easily arranged and taken care of inside the drawer that can’t really go anywhere else. Larger items may need to stay on the countertop to free up space.

    Ceiling-Height Cabinets

    Pros: Makes the ceiling appear higher; no awkward space between cabinets and ceiling; extra storage space

    Cons: Frequently used to store items that aren’t really needed; harder to organize due to size

    How to organize: The first step with longer cabinets is to make sure they’re not being used for anything truly unnecessary. Don’t get in the habit of buying extra dishes or cups just because you have the space for them. Focus on what you already own and need to safely store somewhere, bring in some kitchen cabinet organizers to help give everything a home, and don’t feel pressured to use all the space they offer.

    However you decide to decorate your kitchen, hopefully these tips will keep it both visually pleasing and free of mess! (Until you get a little crazy making pasta again, of course.)

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  2. It's Not Easy Going Green: Making Space For Recycling Bins

    Everyone likes to talk about going green and helping the environment, but nobody likes to talk about what a pain it is sometimes.

    Let’s face it - you’ve already got a lot of trash cans and bins around the house, and even if all you want to do is recycle old bottles and cans (maybe paper if you’re feeling adventurous) it can be a bit of a challenge to figure out where everything is going to go.

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  3. Building & Organizing A Wine Room

    An increasingly popular sight in a lot of people’s homes these days is the wine room! Whether down in the basement to make it a true wine cellar, or just somewhere in an unused guest room now that the kids have moved out (not that anyone here has done that), storing and displaying your wine collection has become an increasingly popular way to decorate your home and give all those wine bottles somewhere to be.

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  4. Big Ideas For Small Kitchens

    Even with as fast as they can run out of space normally, small kitchens are a pretty common problem in a lot of houses.

    Think about it – you’re already crammed for space in any kitchen given the amount of stuff you have to keep in there, and then having a smaller footprint is going to make it that much harder. Whatever the reason – small apartment, cramped due to remodeling, maybe you just have a smaller kitchen because your other rooms are bigger – small kitchens need the most work to get organized, but it can be done! Here’s a few places to start:

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    For those of you out there that celebrate Easter, we know the pressure can be on sometimes – it falls right in the middle of spring cleaning, it’s probably the first time you’ve hosted a party since wintertime, and there’s a lot that goes into it! (This, of course, is all before you take into account the egg hunt.)

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