1. It's Not Easy Going Green: Making Space For Recycling Bins

    Everyone likes to talk about going green and helping the environment, but nobody likes to talk about what a pain it is sometimes.

    Let’s face it - you’ve already got a lot of trash cans and bins around the house, and even if all you want to do is recycle old bottles and cans (maybe paper if you’re feeling adventurous) it can be a bit of a challenge to figure out where everything is going to go.

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  2. Building & Organizing A Wine Room

    An increasingly popular sight in a lot of people’s homes these days is the wine room! Whether down in the basement to make it a true wine cellar, or just somewhere in an unused guest room now that the kids have moved out (not that anyone here has done that), storing and displaying your wine collection has become an increasingly popular way to decorate your home and give all those wine bottles somewhere to be.

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  3. Big Ideas For Small Kitchens

    Even with as fast as they can run out of space normally, small kitchens are a pretty common problem in a lot of houses.

    Think about it – you’re already crammed for space in any kitchen given the amount of stuff you have to keep in there, and then having a smaller footprint is going to make it that much harder. Whatever the reason – small apartment, cramped due to remodeling, maybe you just have a smaller kitchen because your other rooms are bigger – small kitchens need the most work to get organized, but it can be done! Here’s a few places to start:

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  4. Host Easter Brunch At Your House

    For those of you out there that celebrate Easter, we know the pressure can be on sometimes – it falls right in the middle of spring cleaning, it’s probably the first time you’ve hosted a party since wintertime, and there’s a lot that goes into it! (This, of course, is all before you take into account the egg hunt.)

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  5. Home Projects To Complete In Winter

    Sometimes the winter blues catch up to all of us. Maybe it’s not too sunny where you are, maybe you don’t feel like you can get enough done, maybe you’re just tired of it being so cold.

    While there’s not much you can do about the weather, there are a lot of ways you can stay productive around the house and get ready for warmer seasons! We’ve got some projects here that can be easily completed while the weather outside is still frightful, and will save you a lot of time when spring cleaning rolls around. Who knows, this might be just the thing you needed to feel more productive and stay sane through the winter!

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