Sustainable, modular, beautiful - and most importantly, Panda-Approved. Legare Brandis set apart by their commitment to the environment and their innovative take on product design and assembly.


Legare brand desks and bookshelves are made from interlocking pieces of an incredibly strong and sustainable bamboo species. The Moso bamboo is legally harvested, and the planks are constructed with low VOC adhesives. The bamboo is finished with an eco-friendly carbonizing process which enhances the wood's natural amber hue.

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These units assemble in 3 minutes with no tools or hardware. The interlocking pieces allow for quick assembly, a modular design that you can easily customize, and a super strong construction. Don't believe me? Look at this desk holding a TON of weights - that's 2000 pounds!


Browse our selection of Legare products to add a gorgeous, sustainable addition to your living space...the pandas will thank you!

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